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Increase your process capacity with industrial vegetable cutters

At Foeth, we have the largest stock of used processing equipment, from the most prestigious brands and in the best condition. Our online catalogue is updated weekly to keep you up to date with the latest acquisitions. Here you will find the largest range of industrial vegetable cutters; they are the ideal choice to increase the processing capacity of your business. All machines are mechanically tested and their functionality is validated prior to sale and delivery. If you have a specific machine in mind and do not find what you are looking for, our advisors will help you find the equipment that suits your requirements. We prepare quotations without obligation.

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Alexanderwerk GKM - Vegetable cutter

Alexanderwerk GKM

Vegetable cutter

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Industrial vegetable cutter: definition and operation

Increasing the processing capacity in the small or medium-sized food industry, whether for canning or freezing and also in the processing of raw material for industrial kitchens, is possible with the use of an industrial vegetable cutter or slicer.

They are versatile machines and very useful in professional kitchens, as they can be adapted to perform various types of cuts to process different vegetables. Some are equipped with different types of blades, or interchangeable discs, which allow them to cut, slice, dice, shred, grate, blend, and squeeze. In addition to vegetables, they can also process fruit.

In vegetable processing machines, the cutting blades are attached to a shaft that rotates manually or electrically. Industrial vegetable slicers work with electricity and achieve high cutting speeds, for outputs ranging from 200 to 3,500 kg/h.

Industrial cutters can work in batches or continuously. They are composed of a feeder or loading hopper, the processing chamber, the cutting element, and the motor.

Applications for industrial vegetable cutter machines

At Foeth you will find many different models of used industrial vegetable cutters, each designed to process a particular type of cut, or a specific vegetable. There are more complex, multi-functional models that perform many types of cuts and functions by simply interchanging the working discs. Some may include a whisk function.

In our inventory you can find industrial vegetable slicers that are widely used for cutting bananas or potatoes used for snacks. Generally, the thickness of the cut can be adjusted depending on the requirements of the process; their use can be adapted from the cutting of vegetables to the production of pickles.

Another application: Industrial cutters are available for processing onions in different ways, such as rings or cubes. There are other cutters that allow the cutting of carrots or potatoes into sticks, or tomatoes into squares. You will also find bowl cutters, which can process different types of vegetables or root vegetables and quickly and easily prepare stuffing mixes. They can be used to chop cabbage, mushrooms, ginger, garlic, carrots or any type of vegetable.

If you need information about a specific product or have any special requirements, please call or write via the Foeth contact form. Discover the variety of industrial vegetable cutters at Foeth and buy one today!

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