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Efficient formation of agglomerated products with pelletisers

At Foeth we have a wide range of used industrial pelletisers available for many processes in a variety of industries. They are fully operational equipment; from well-known brands in the European market such as Bepex, Schlüter Process, and Satake-Robinson Millin, among others. Visit our facilities in Barneveld, The Netherlands, to see all the equipment we offer. If you are looking for a model that you cannot find in our online catalogue, you can send us a search request. We prepare quotations without obligation and we export all over the world.

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Rieter PRIMO 100 S - Pelletiser

Rieter PRIMO 100 S


In stock NL


Rieter Primo 100S - Pelletiser

Rieter Primo 100S


In stock NL


Scheer & Cie HSG400 - Pelletiser

Scheer & Cie HSG400


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Pelletisers - Definition and operation

Pelleting machines are equipment used to form small portions of product, or agglomerates, from different feed mixtures. The material is compacted by forcing it through the opening of a die using a pressure device. These portions are known as pellets.

In the industrial pelletiser the powdered, or granular, material is fed from the container and then distributed evenly across the face of the die by the movement of the spreader. Rollers force the material through the die-holes, forming rods or strands. A knife, located on the outside of the die, cuts the strands into lengths to form pellets.

Pelletisers can use:

  • Flat die: they have grooves through which the material is forced by the pressure of a roller as the die rotates.

  • Ring die: the grooves are distributed radially around the periphery of the die.

Many formulations use binding agents to maintain pellet shape and increase production speed. In other cases, only the addition of water and heat, or steam, is sufficient. After pellet formation, the particles fall into a conditioning unit, where they are cooled and their moisture content is evenly distributed, providing hardness and stability to the particles.

The industrial pelletiser and its applications

Industrial pelletisers are used in a wide variety of applications, such as animal feed, fertiliser, medicine production, organic fuels, and in many processes in the food industry. They reduce the volume of products to be handled and facilitate easier management of transport, storage, and even end-use.

In the case of animal feed pelletisers, which are used in the agri-food sector, they can operate as pressure extruders do, but in a more limited range of conditions, with lower energy consumption, lower production costs, and maintenance expenses.

In our catalogue you will find gear pelletisers, with their characteristic double roller system. Ring die and flat die pelletisers can also be found at Foeth. If you need additional information or are looking for a specific model of pelletiser, please call, or write through the Foeth contact form.

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