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Miscellaneous mills

Miscellaneous Mills: A variety of milling equipment available in Foeth's inventory

Particle size reduction is crucial in many processing operations in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical or mining industries. The grinding principle used to achieve the central objective can be very diverse. For this reason, we at Foeth have the classification "miscellaneous mills" available, which suit a variety of applications and include well-known brands, such as Engelsmann AG, among many others. Visit our premises in Barneveld, The Netherlands, to see the variety of milling systems in our inventory. You can request a quotation via the website. All machines shown on this page are in stock and available for export.

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Engelsmann MFL 85N/80-E1 - Miscellaneous Mill

Engelsmann MFL 85N/80-E1

Miscellaneous Mill

In stock NL


Miscellaneous Mill

Miscellaneous Mill

In stock NL



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Miscellaneous pre-owned mills: types and features

In Foeth's online catalog you will find various types of mills to suit different industrial requirements. Let's review some models of disc mills that use centrifugal force to drive the grinding and as part of the final particle separation process.

  • The toothed disc mill is ideal for fine grinding of soft to hard textured solid material, preferably brittle and fibrous. In addition, it accepts wet and viscous material. The rotary motion of the toothed disc causes the material to be crushed by friction and shear forces between the grinding discs. The discs rotate in opposite directions, causing the thickness of the internal teeth to drive the material and cause it to break.

  • In the perforated disc mill, a rotating central blade produces the impact that generates the change in particle size. The moving solids are propelled against the perforated disc openings and leave the grinding chamber when they reach sufficient size to pass through the perforations.

Other equipment within the classification "miscellaneous mills"

In our catalog you will also find milling equipment like the mortar & pestle mill. The mortar is installed on a rotating platform that receives the particles that are to be ground. The pestle is driven upwards by a mechanical arm and its weight carries it against the material inside the mortar, using the impact to grind it. As the mortar rotates, the size of the material decreases. Scrapers against the mortar wall keep the material in the impact zone and improve grinding efficiency.

We also have hammer mills. These are impact crushers that operate by the repetitive blows of a series of hammers rotating inside the grinding chamber. In addition to impact, they work by attrition and shearing as the main mechanisms for grinding. A series of hammers attached to a central shaft, which rotates at very high speed, generates the impacts for crushing.

Our used miscellaneous mills are suitable for a wide variety of processes in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical or agri-food industries. If you need additional information, please call or email us through Foeth's contact form.

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