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Disk centrifuges from Flottweg - used and in a large selection

You want to save high investment costs and are therefore looking for a used decanter centrifuge in brand quality? Then we recommend a disk centrifuge from Flottweg. You will regularly find these systems in our offers. If there is currently no suitable model among the over 2800 Foeth offers, our newsletter will keep you up to date on all new offers in the future. At Europe's largest dealer for used machinery and process plants, you don't have to wait long for suitable machines for your company. All systems are used, in top condition, technically checked and immediately available. This way, you can quickly expand or rebuild your systems at attractive prices and replace defective machines. Our system specialists will be happy to advise you on the selection - on site at our location in Barneveld, Netherlands, by phone or in online chat.

Now find used decanter centrifuges from Flottweg at Foeth.

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Flottweg Z3L (Z42-3/451) - Decanter

Flottweg Z3L (Z42-3/451)


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Flottweg Z 32-3/401 - Decanter

Flottweg Z 32-3/401


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Flottweg Z4D/454 - Decanter

Flottweg Z4D/454


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How Flottweg Centrifuges Work

Centrifuges or decanters are crucial for the efficiency of many manufacturing processes due to their performance. They are used whenever large quantities of solids need to be separated from liquids. Separators are sufficient for fine particles or clarifying a liquid. In contrast, Flottweg centrifuges work with a multiple of the Earth's gravity. They separate a liquid and up to two solids by rotating an auger inside them. Solids with high density are pressed against the housing wall and transported to the decanter's discharge by the auger. The liquid simply flows along the screw in the opposite direction. For a consistently high quality of separation, Flottweg decanters use automatic speed regulation. This automation minimizes the amount of manual operation required. Sensors detect deviations from the set values, protecting the machine from overload or blockage by stopping it and sounding an alarm in case of emergency.

More about Flottweg AG and its decanter centrifuges

In its early days in 1911, Flottweg AG was involved in the production of aircraft and motorcycles. This early company later became part of Bayerische Motorenwerke (BMW). Another new venture emerged in the field of plant and machinery construction. In 1956, Flottweg introduced its first decanter. What was once supposed to be just a byproduct now dominates Flottweg's product range. This also includes separators and systems for specialized separation, such as for heavy sediment or plastic separation. An important quality feature beneficial to various industries is the Tricanter®. It enables a three-phase separation of solid, liquid, and liquid in continuous operation. Whenever the involved liquids do not react with each other and have different densities, this special series of decanter centrifuges can replace an entire separate separation stage. This significantly shortens manufacturing processes and saves costs.

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