Send us pictures and the main specifications and our equipment experts will contact you immediately!

We are always looking to purchase surplus process equipment, process systems and complete process plants. If you have industrial dryers, kneaders, mixers, mills, sieves, grinders, filters, compactors or any other type of process equipment, we are interested and would like to make you an offer.

We are Europe’s largest buyer of surplus process machinery. Upon your wishes, we can also list your equipment on our platform.

Our promises to you:

  • Quick offer from our experts

  • Other selling options possible: listing, consignment, trade in.

  • Cash payment upfront: 100% advance payment prior to collection

  • Quick logistics: we arrange fast and reliable collection and shipping

  • Professional dismantling: professional dismantling by our certified experts

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Why sell your surplus process equipment to Foeth?

In case you have a single machine that is no longer of use or a machine you would like to replace, Foeth is your partner. You can turn your surplus equipment easily into cash. Just upload a few clear pictures and some basic specifications and you are ready to sell! In most cases our buyers can send you an offer within in 24 hours.

In some cases they need to come over to your site for an inspection, in that case, they will send you our offer the next day. Once you have accepted your offer we will pay you directly. If needed we will dismantle the unit for you together with our trusted partners. If the machine is already dismantled we will arrange the shipping and all necessary documents.


Worldwide, companies are constantly looking for process machines. Foeth would like to ensure that they’ll buy that equipment pre-used instead of new. This way, lots of CO2 emissions from producing new machinery are avoided.

Reuse premium quality process equipment to reduce!

Experience the impact of our brands through sustainable practices. By reusing premium equipment, we reduce waste and promote a circular economy. Join us in creating a greener future through the power of reuse.

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