Variety of models: explore a range of industrial decanters at Foeth

Do you work in food processing or chemical industries that separate solids from liquid mixtures? Foeth has got you covered with a range of industrial decanters. Decanter centrifuges are reliable in separating various mixtures and producing high-quality solids. You can find a selection of decanters suitable for the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries. The decanters’ functionality and quality are guaranteed since they are mechanically tested before sale. We always stock well-known brands; you can search for the decanter brands you need online. We also have experts ready to help you find the ideal decanters for your industrial use. If you are on a budget, we have high-quality used decanters.

Find exceptional industrial decanters for sale at Foeth


Premium quality

We only have machines from premium European manufacturers and mechanically test prior to shipment


2800+ machines

Foeth has the largest stock in Europe and we update our inventory on a weekly base.


Readily available

All our machines are available on our premises, ready to be tested and shipped to you!