Pusher centrifuges

Variety of brands: an extensive selection of pusher centrifuges at Foeth

Since 1908, Foeth has supplied refurbished equipment and tools to various manufacturing industries. Chemical and mineral industries often require process steps to eliminate impurities and moisture during production and produce high-quality products. That is where pusher centrifuges come into play to assist in the solid-liquid separation process. For many years, pushers have been used to remove liquid from crystals to minimise breakage and impurities in mineral production. If your company is looking to replace a pusher centrifuge, we have a selection of used options. Our centrifuges are mechanically tested, and you can take advantage of the exchange programme to get a another centrifuge. You can choose from various brands and budgets depending on your needs.

Buy a high-quality pusher centrifuge from the best supplier today.


Premium quality

We only have machines from premium European manufacturers and mechanically test prior to shipment


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Foeth has the largest stock in Europe and we update our inventory on a weekly base.


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All our machines are available on our premises, ready to be tested and shipped to you!