A wide variety of industrial cutters at Foeth

We have the largest stock of used industrial cutters, from the most prestigious brands and all in the best condition. Our online catalogue is updated weekly to keep you up to date with the latest acquisitions. Foeth offers the widest range of industrial cutters as part of its range of machines for industrial applications. All machines are mechanically tested before they are sold and shipped to the customer, so their performance is guaranteed. If you do not find what you are looking for in our catalogues, simply request a search and our advisors will help you find the equipment that suits your requirements. Read more about cutters.

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Premium quality

We only have machines from premium European manufacturers and mechanically test prior to shipment


2800+ machines

Foeth has the largest stock in Europe and we update our inventory on a weekly base.


Readily available

All our machines are available on our premises, ready to be tested and shipped to you!