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Reduce bulk material with a used pin mill from Foeth

Pin mills are innovative machines that excel in reducing particle size and achieving uniformity in a wide range of materials. At Foeth, we always have a large inventory of various milling equipment. If you are looking for a pin mill, take a look at our inventory or contact our team to help you find the specific machine that suits your production.

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Alpine 710-CW - Pin Mill

Alpine 710-CW

Pin Mill

In stock NL


Alpine 710-CW - Pin Mill

Alpine 710-CW

Pin Mill

In stock NL



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Applications of pin mills

Due to their versatility, pin mills find applications in a variety of different industries:

  • Food and Beverage Industry: Pin mills find extensive use in the food and beverage industry. From grinding spices and herbs to milling grains and reducing sugar particles, pin mills deliver consistent results, meeting the stringent quality standards of the industry.

  • Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry: In pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing, pin mills are indispensable for size reduction and controlled particle distribution. They excel in grinding active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), excipients, dyes, and pigments, ensuring uniform blending and enhanced product performance.

  • Cosmetics and Personal Care Products: Pin mills play a vital role in the production of cosmetics and personal care items. Whether it's milling powders for face powders, grinding pigments for lipstick formulation, or reducing particles in lotions and creams, pin mills offer precise and efficient processing for improved product quality.

  • Minerals and Mining: Pin mills are also widely used in the minerals and mining industry. They effectively grind minerals, ores, and aggregates, enabling better extraction and processing of valuable minerals. Pin mills are particularly valuable for applications that require fine grinding, such as in the production of mineral fillers and pigments.

Why should you choose pin mills?

There are a multitude of different reasons why you should consider an industrial pin mill for your process:

  • Versatile Grinding Capabilities: Pin mills are renowned for their ability to handle a diverse range of materials, including fragile and heat-sensitive substances. Whether you're grinding powders, crystals, or granules, pin mills offer exceptional versatility and consistent results.

  • Efficient Particle Size Reduction: With their unique design and high-speed rotating pins, pin mills efficiently reduce particle size to the desired range. This uniform size reduction enhances product quality, increases surface area, and improves overall processing efficiency.

  • Customizable Performance: Pin mills offer adjustable settings, allowing operators to fine-tune parameters such as speed, feed rate, and screen size. This flexibility enables precise control over particle size distribution and desired output, ensuring optimal results for different applications.

  • Gentle and Heat-Sensitive Processing: Unlike some grinding methods, pin mills operate at lower temperatures, making them ideal for processing heat-sensitive materials. The gentle grinding action minimizes heat generation and preserves the integrity of thermally delicate substances.

How to choose the best used Pin Mill?

Adding a used pin mill to your production line can be a great way to rapidly expand your grinding capacity or keep the pulverizing going when a current machine has broken down. Since Foeth is constantly receiving new stock our pin mill product range is diverse and includes many respected and well-brands like Alpine. But what are the main characteristics you should pay attention to when purchasing a used one? Our advice is to pay attention to the current quality in combination with the machine's abilities. A second one is to make sure that the offering party is well-known or well-reviewed by previous customers.

Is a Pin mill machine the best solution for your production line?

To answer this question you need to identify a mill with components and operating features that are customized for your application. Does your bulk need grinding into particles with medium fineness? Is your product dry or slightly wet? And what about the hardness? Based on your available information our advisors can help you with some examples, of pin mills for sale, that best fit your needs.

If needed our advisors or technical sales agents can also arrange and schedule a test run with the material you would like to have processed. Give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with the best possible information regarding the pin mill machine of your choice

Are you already convinced that your production process benefits from a pin mill? Then look no further and choose a pre-owned pin mill from Foeth. Contact our team to learn more about a specific mill or let them help you find the perfect machine for your specific situation. Buy a pin mill from Foeth's extensive inventory today!

Looking for something special?

If we do not have your desired process equipment in stock, please let us know! Our purchase team will try to find the best matching machine for you via their international purchase network.