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Screw Presses for Separating Liquids from Solids

Foeth offers the largest stock of used process equipment in the best conditions. Our online catalogue is updated every week to keep you informed of new acquisitions. Single and twin screw presses from Haendle, Ponndorf, and other brands are available. Our equipment is in top mechanical condition and ready to be deployed. If you are looking for equipment that you cannot find in our inventory, you can send us a search request. You can also request a quotation from our website. We prepare quotations without obligation and export worldwide.

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How do screw presses operate?

Screw presses are equipment for separating liquids from solids. They are highly versatile equipment that can be used in the dewatering of solids and in the extraction or expulsion of oils from oilseeds. There are screw presses that can contain a single screw or others with double screws. Pressing screws can be of the conical or cylindrical type.

It employs a worm screw that rotates and moves through a perforated casing, both of which are enclosed in an airtight casing. The screw casing can be tapered towards the discharge end to increase the pressure on the material. This can also be achieved by varying the pitch of the screw or the diameter of its shaft within a uniform cylinder. The discharge end of the casing is partially enclosed by an adjustable cone, or other device, to change the size of the opening to vary the pressure on the material.

In the worm press, the rotation of the screw moves the material forward and, as the pressure increases, the liquid is expelled and escapes through the jacketed opening.

What are the applications of screw presses?

The screw press is widely used in the animal or vegetable oil extraction industry. In the case of oil production from sunflower seeds, sesame or linseed, cold pressing is applied, producing very high-quality oil, without the use of solvents or other additives.

The twin screw press is ideal for the extraction of liquid or fats from cooked or dried fish or meat. The process produces a rigid cake with a high protein content and very little fat. It is also used in the dewatering of materials such as paper pulp, plastic, synthetic rubber, etc.

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