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Used industrial presses available from Foeth

Foeth offers a wide range of used industrial presses for a wide variety of applications. From machinery for the production of tablets to systems for the dewatering of solid products. All equipment is tested before sale and delivery, so its performance is guaranteed. Furthermore, our presses are products of well-known brands in the European market, such as Bucher, Andritz, Sviac, Ponndorf-Kassel, VetterTec and many others. Read more about industrial presses

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Korsch Pressen EK-0 - Single stroke tablet press

Korsch Pressen EK-0

Single stroke tablet press

In stock NL


Korsch Pressen XL 100-8-EUD - Rotating tablet press

Korsch Pressen XL 100-8-EUD

Rotating tablet press

In stock NL


Bucher KHL 50 - Laboratory press

Bucher KHL 50

Laboratory press

In stock NL


Ponndorf Kassel 402-S - Dewatering press

Ponndorf Kassel 402-S

Dewatering press

In stock NL



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How do industrial presses work?

Industrial presses are machines with varying functionalities. Their mechanics vary according to the type of machine and the mechanisms implemented to generate the pressure. In general, they work by pressing a plate against another part containing a powdered product to produce a tablet.

The used industrial presses can also be used for mechanical dewatering of sludge and other dense products using screw presses or filter presses. Although the purpose is the same in both cases, the mechanism of operation is very different.

Types of industrial presses available at Foeth

In our warehouses we have a wide variety of second hand presses available, among which we can highlight:

  • The screw press, which is used in the dewatering of solid-liquid mixtures. It uses a worm screw that moves through a perforated barrel. The geometry of the screw or barrel varies at the end of the stroke, narrowing, to increase the pressure against the solid and force the liquid through the filter medium.

  • Filter press, mainly of the plate and frame type, which is also used for solids dewatering. It consists of a series of alternating plates and frames presenting a filter medium that retains the solid entering the slurries or dense feed fluids.

  • Tablet presses are used to compress powdered formulations of pharmaceutical, cosmetic or any other origin to a uniform weight, shape and constitution. They can be either single stroke tablet presses or rotary tablet presses.

  • The laboratory press uses a hydraulic cylinder to generate the force required to produce tablets from a solid material. The resulting product is used for quality control testing and laboratory analysis.

If you require further information about our industrial presses, please call or write to us via the Foeth contact form.

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