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Rotating tablet presses

Rotary tablet presses: Efficient and high-speed tablet manufacturing

At Foeth, you can find used rotary tablet presses. All machines in our inventory have been thoroughly tested and are guaranteed to be high quality, while lower in costs. Choose a cost efficient solution and opt for used rotary tablet presses. Rotary tablet presses are renowned for their exceptional production capacity. With their high-speed operation, these machines can produce a large number of tablets per minute, ensuring efficient and timely manufacturing. Read more about rotary tablet presses

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Korsch Pressen XL 100-8-EUD - Rotating tablet press

Korsch Pressen XL 100-8-EUD

Rotating tablet press

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How do rotary tablet presses work?

Rotary tablet presses are advanced machines used in the pharmaceutical and related industries for high-volume tablet production. They are designed to compress granulated materials or powders into tablets at a rapid pace, utilizing a rotating turret system.

The operation of a rotary tablet press involves the following key steps:

  • Feeding and Filling: The tablet press is loaded with the granulated material or powder formulation, which serves as the active ingredient for the tablet. This material is fed into the feed hoppers of the press.

  • Tablet Formation: The granulated material is directed into the die cavities on the rotating turret. As the turret rotates, the dies move through various stages of tablet formation, including filling, compression, and ejection. The powder is compressed by upper and lower punches within the dies, forming tablets of the desired shape, size, and thickness.

  • Ejection: Once the tablets are formed, they are ejected from the dies and collected for further processing, packaging, or coating.

Why use a rotating tablet press?

Rotary tablet presses offer several advantages:

  • High production capacity: Rotary tablet presses are capable of high-speed production, with the capacity to produce a large number of tablets per minute. This makes them suitable for large-scale manufacturing, ensuring efficient and timely production.

  • Automation and efficiency: These presses feature automated processes, including feeding, compression, and ejection, which minimize manual intervention and enhance production efficiency. They are equipped with advanced control systems and sensors to monitor tablet quality and detect any issues during the compression process.

  • Consistent tablet quality: Rotary tablet presses deliver consistent tablet weight, thickness, and hardness, ensuring uniformity across the entire batch. This is essential for meeting regulatory standards and maintaining product efficacy.

  • Versatile and customizable: Rotary tablet presses can accommodate a wide range of tablet sizes, shapes, and formulations. The turret system allows for quick and easy changeovers between different tablet specifications, providing versatility and flexibility in manufacturing.

  • Efficient tooling systems: These presses utilize interchangeable tooling systems, including punches and dies, which can be customized based on specific tablet requirements. The tooling systems are designed for durability and precision, ensuring accurate tablet formation and minimizing wear and tear.

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