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Single stroke tablet presses

Efficient Tablet Production with Single Stroke Tablet Presses

At Foeth, you can find pre-owned single-stroke tablet presses, all fully tested and reconditioned if needed. You are ensured of high quality, at a fraction of the cost of a new machine! Single-stroke tablet presses are versatile machines used for the precise and controlled production of tablets in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and related industries. They offer simplicity, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, making them suitable for various production scenarios.

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Korsch Pressen EK-0 - Single stroke tablet press

Korsch Pressen EK-0

Single stroke tablet press

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How do single-stroke tablet presses work?

Single-stroke tablet presses, also known as single-punch tablet presses, are specialized machines used in pharmaceutical and related industries to manufacture tablets. They are designed to produce tablets one at a time by utilizing a single compression stroke.

The operation of a single-stroke tablet press involves the following steps:

  • Feeding and Filling: The tablet press is loaded with granulated material or powder, which serves as the active ingredient or formulation for the tablet. This material is fed into the hopper of the press.

  • Weight Adjustment: The weight of the tablet is adjusted using a weight control mechanism. This ensures consistency in the size and weight of each tablet produced.

  • Tablet Formation: The granulated material is guided into a die cavity, which is a hollow mold that determines the shape and size of the tablet. A punch, attached to a lower platen, descends into the die cavity and compresses the material, forming it into a tablet.

  • Ejection: After compression, the punch is retracted, and the tablet is ejected from the die cavity. The tablet is then collected for further processing or packaging.

What are the advantages of single-stroke tablet presses?

Single-stroke tablet presses offer several advantages:

  • Simplicity: Single-stroke tablet presses have a straightforward design and operation. They are relatively simple machines compared to rotary tablet presses, making them easier to operate and maintain.

  • Flexibility: These presses allow for quick changeovers between different tablet formulations. The die and punch sets can be easily replaced, enabling the production of tablets with different shapes, sizes, and designs.

  • Small-Scale Production: Single-stroke tablet presses are suitable for small-scale or laboratory-scale production. They are commonly used in research and development settings or for manufacturing small batches of specialized tablets.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: As compared to high-speed rotary tablet presses, single-stroke tablet presses are generally more cost-effective, making them a preferred choice for small-scale operations or when specific tablet requirements are needed.

It is important to note that single-stroke tablet presses have a lower production capacity compared to rotary tablet presses, which can produce tablets at much higher speeds. Therefore, they are typically used for specialized applications or when smaller quantities of tablets are required.

Are you looking for a single-stroke tablet press for your tablet production? Choose a pre-owned machine from Foeth! If you can not find the machine you are looking for, contact our team of experts to help you find it in our large network of suppliers.

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