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Laboratory presses

Laboratory presses - Efficient preparation of reliable samples

For analytical laboratories, quality control laboratories, universities or research institutes, laboratory presses play an important role. At Foeth we have a large stock of used laboratory presses in top condition. Read more about laboratory presses

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Bucher KHL 50 - Laboratory press

Bucher KHL 50

Laboratory press

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Hydraulic Laboratory Press - How it works

Laboratory presses are pieces of equipment that use a hydraulic cylinder to generate a compression force to produce a tablet from a solid material.

The product is placed inside a mould and compressed, taking advantage of the hydraulic actuation of the press, magnifying the pressure exerted on the mould to achieve compaction of the solid product to the required degree.

They operate according to the principle of Pascal's Law, which states that "when pressure is applied to a confined fluid, the change in pressure occurs throughout the fluid". Inside the press is a piston that acts as a pump, which transfers the magnified mechanical force to the area occupied by the sample, resulting in its compaction.

Due to their characteristics, industrial laboratory presses are used in a wide variety of industries. Mainly in the preparation of samples of granules, or thin films, to perform spectroscopic examinations by infrared, or X-rays, to evaluate their molecular structure. Also to determine their calorific value, using a calorimetric pump.

Hydraulic laboratory press - Applications

The hydraulic laboratory press is used in unlimited applications, mainly related to:

  • Testing laboratories and universities, for research and development of novel materials, or new formulations, mainly in the field of reinforced plastics.

  • Quality control laboratories, linked to production processing, in the plastics industry, food, pharmaceutical and many other production areas.

Their use has increased the speed at which samples can be prepared for analysis and the speed of sampling.

Our used laboratory presses are versatile equipment that can be used for the preparation of a wide variety of samples. They are rugged, durable, reliable and powerful, able to generate high temperatures using electrically heated platens and operate over a wide range of pressures. Although most laboratory presses are hydraulic, some may have a screw press configuration.

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