Hammer mills

Various models of hammer mill for sale at Foeth

Hammer mills are high-precision equipment for crushing solid and hard granules, guaranteeing uniform grinding and a noiseless operation. Besides, they lead to minimal heat build-up, which is perfect for heat-sensitive materials. Hammer mills are ideal for pharmaceutical and food processing plants since they crush and reduce raw materials to suitable sizes. Foeth has new and second-hand options if you seek a hammer mill. You can choose high-quality mills from different brands in optimal operating conditions. Foeth’s hammer mills are ideal for various industries and can be adapted to specific types of products or manufacturing processes. You will also receive expert advice on picking the ideal mills for your agri-food or chemical manufacturing businesses.

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  1. Hosokawa Alpine B-500 - Hammer Mill
    Inlet diameter (mm): 120
    Width (mm): 460
    in stock, NL
  2. Reitz Disintegrator - Hammer Mill
    Inlet diameter (mm): 193
    in stock, NL
  3. Stolz RM-14 - Hammer Mill
    Inlet diameter (mm): 675
    Width (mm): 495
    in stock, NL
  4. Aubema 2508/8 - Hammer Mill
    Inlet diameter (mm): 800
    Width (mm): 800
    in stock, NL
  5. Hosokawa Micron VP-4 - Hammer Mill
    Inlet diameter (mm): 630
    Width (mm): 400
    in stock, NL
  6. Derichs JDP 60-80 - Hammer Mill
    Inlet diameter (mm): 600
    Width (mm): 200
    in stock, NL
  7. Ismar Köln JUNIOR VHS - Hammer Mill
    Inlet diameter (mm): 400
    Width (mm): 100
    in stock, NL
  8. Apex 114 DW-SF - Hammer Mill Sold
    Inlet diameter (mm): 260
    Width (mm): 295
  9. Hosokawa Micron G-1030 - Hammer Mill
    Inlet diameter (mm): 260
    in stock, NL
  10. Sharples TORNADO MILL - Hammer Mill
    Inlet diameter (mm): 250
    Width (mm): 120
    in stock, NL

What is the working principle of a hammer mill machine?

A used hammer mill is crucial for shredding, grinding, and crushing materials or products to suitably sized particles. The range of hammer mills for sale at Foeth have the same working principle. The machines have up to five main parts depending on the design. For instance, a Hosokawa hammer mill has a feeding hopper, rotary valve, crushing chamber, clamper and control box. Once materials are fed to the feed hopper, they move to the crushing chamber through metered flow or gravity. Materials fed to the mills should have suitable physical properties. It is also crucial to choose the appropriate feeding mechanism. For instance, a metered or controlled feeding process is suitable for product uniformity since it eliminates inconsistencies. The gravity-feeding system depends on gravitational force, which may cause inconsistent product output. When the materials reach the crushing chamber, they are hit by hammers and chopping knives rotating at high speeds. The crushing is repeated until the process achieves the desired particle size. The output has a perforated metal screen that allows a specific size of particles to pass through as finished products.

What are the advantages of a vertical hammer mill?

A Buhler hammer mill provides numerous benefits in industrial applications. Precision crushing and grinding make it applicable in various industrial processes, from food production to chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Metal screens with different sizes allow you to achieve your desired particle size. Only particles that meet the size requirements pass the screen while the rough particles rotate back to the crushing chamber. Aside from precise particle sizes, a hammer mill is made from stainless steel, suitable for food manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries due to high sanitary standards. Particles don’t come into contact with contamination and can be packaged using capsule-filling machines as they leave the milling chamber.

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