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  1. Piovan RSP1515 - Granulator
    in stock, NL
  2. Rapid 205-A - Granulator
    Width (mm): 220
    in stock, NL
  3. Tria 400/ELR - Granulator
    Width (mm): 420
    in stock, NL

What are granulators?

Granulators are different from grinders. Granulators chop, cut or combine small materials to a larger homogeneous mass and form them into pellets for example.

How do granulators work?

This depends on the type of granulator. In the case of flat die mills, powder is brought into the top of the mold. When the die rotates, a roller presses the powder through the holes in the die. A cutter on the other side of the die cuts the exposed pellet away from the die. A radial slot through the die is located in the ring mold. Powder is fed into the inside of the mold. Spreaders then evenly distribute the powder. Two rolls then press the powder through the die holes. Finally, two cutters are used to cut the pellets free from the outside of the mold.

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