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Rotating tables, turntables, or buffer tables are supplementary equipment for packaging machines and production lines that effectively increase the productivity of warehouses, sorting plants, and production from any sector. They can pick up excess goods moving on conveyor belts to make the packers' work easier or be used to collect pieces that have not passed quality control, as well as to even out the flow of goods and buffer them. At Foeth, you can find high quality used rotating tables for you to employ in your production. All our machines are fully tested and reconditioned if needed, so you are ensured of high quality!

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What are rotating tables used for?

The main function of a rotating table is to provide controlled and precise rotational movement to facilitate work on the object or workpiece. They are typically equipped with a motor or drive mechanism that powers the rotation, and they can be manually operated or automated depending on the specific application.

Industrial turntables come in various sizes, load capacities, and rotation speeds to accommodate different objects and requirements. Some models may include additional features like adjustable rotation speed, indexing capabilities, or programmable rotation angles for precise positioning.

Why use a rotary table in your production line?

Rotating tables offer several benefits and applications across different industries:

  • Manufacturing and Assembly: In manufacturing and assembly processes, rotating tables are used to position and rotate workpieces for machining, welding, painting, and assembly operations. They allow operators or automated systems to access different sides or angles of the workpiece without the need for repositioning, thus improving productivity and efficiency.

  • Inspection and Testing: Rotating tables are valuable in inspection and testing procedures where a 360-degree view or access to the object is required. For example, in quality control processes, rotating tables enable thorough visual inspections, dimensional measurements, or non-destructive testing of components or products.

  • Packaging and Labeling: In packaging and labeling industries, rotating tables are utilized to facilitate the application of labels, barcode stickers, or printing on cylindrical or irregularly shaped objects. The rotation ensures accurate and consistent placement of labels or printing on all sides of the packaging.

If you are looking for a versatile rotating table for your production, choose Foeth! A pre-owned machine offers a variety of benefits, such as cost-efficiency, immediate availability, and less impact on the environment. Contact the Foeth team for more information about (a) rotating table(s), or request a quote directly!

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