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Wrapping is the last layer that protects a product from external elements. In fact, it is what ensures that the product remains in perfect condition throughout the entire industrial and commercial process. This means its transport, distribution and storage until it is sold to the end user. In this sense, a wrapping machine is unmissable equipment. It can handle a wide variety of packaging and guarantees excellent results. So, if you want to increase the productivity of your business in a quick and simple way, do not hesitate to buy a second-hand one from Foeth. Read more about transwrap machines

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Hassia-Redatron Flexibag 55/38 Gd - Transwrap machine

Hassia-Redatron Flexibag 55/38 Gd

Transwrap machine

In stock NL


Pester PEWO PACK 450 - Transwrap machine

Pester PEWO PACK 450

Transwrap machine

In stock NL


Pentavac PENTA 2100 - Transwrap machine

Pentavac PENTA 2100

Transwrap machine

In stock NL



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How do transwrap machines work?

The operation of a wrapping machine is relatively simple. It consists of a belt that first takes the product to an area where it is covered with a heat shrink or thermoplastic film. It is then directed to an oven, where the plastic is heated and shrinks. This makes it fit perfectly to the product, regardless of its shape.

Every wrapping machine has a twofold purpose. On the one hand, it gives the product an extra dose of protection against external factors. On the other hand, it gives it a much more aesthetically pleasing finish for the

Why a transwrap packaging machine is a good investment

At Foeth we know perfectly well how necessary a high quality transwrap machines is to speed up production. We have been providing excellent processing equipment solutions to companies for over a hundred years. This is why we can assure you that buying a wrapping machine is a smart decision.

It will also save you money. For example, companies that do not make use of a transwrap packaging machine spend up to three times more plastic in the wrapping process. This also has a negative impact on the environment, of course.

Do you have any questions regarding the purchase of transwrapping machines atFoeth? Then contact our team of experts. We will offer you personalised advice to ensure that you meet your needs with your purchase.

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