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Do you produce viscous products that require accurate volumetric fills? Then, you need a piston filler to improve your production process. Due to their unique design, fillers can solve challenges associated with moving high-viscosity liquids and products with chunks or particulates. You can use fillers in the food industry and chemical applications. If you want viscous liquid filling machines, you can find a variety at Foeth. There are various high-quality used fillers that will suit your industrial applications at pocket-friendly prices. You don’t have to worry about functionality since the used machines are mechanically tested to ensure they meet the industry standards. Foeth has extensive experience in selling used equipment, and you will get value for money.

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Vemag HP Coex - vacuum filler - Piston filler

Vemag HP Coex - vacuum filler

Piston filler

In stock NL


Handtmann VF100 vacuum filler - Piston filler

Handtmann VF100 vacuum filler

Piston filler

In stock NL


Würschum Single - Piston filler

Würschum Single

Piston filler

In stock NL


Oystar Hassia Cup filler - Piston filler

Oystar Hassia Cup filler

Piston filler

In stock NL


Gemini Techniek - Piston filler

Gemini Techniek

Piston filler

In stock NL


Hema (Sidel) EV - Piston filler

Hema (Sidel) EV

Piston filler

In stock NL



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How does a piston filling machine work?

While most liquid filling machines are suitable for free-flowing liquids, handling products with particulates or chunks like paste can be difficult. A piston filler solves the problem by allowing versatile filling regardless of the viscosity. The components of the volumetric piston filler make it possible to transfer any products. The hopper in the piston filling equipment holds bulk products to be filled into bottles while the cylinder maintains a constant interior volume to ensure consistent levels during fills. The piston moves the product in the hopper to the cylinder while the valve opens and closes to control the product flow. Nozzles dispense the products from the cylinders to the containers. You can find semi-automatic and automatic fillers. Semi-automatic fillers require manual operation, like placing the containers to be filled into the machine. You have to initiate each fill cycle and manually remove the containers after each fill.

What are the advantages of liquid piston fillers?

Piston filling machines are versatile and provide easy operation and simple controls. You can use piston fillers for thick or thin products. If you are filling containers with thick products, they are pulled into the cylinder when the piston retracts. As the piston moves back to position, the products are pushed out through the nozzles. The space created allows the movement of particulates and seeds in the products. The constant volume of the cylinder in every cycle also ensures accurate volumetric fills and uniform product levels in all containers. The nozzles come in different sizes, and you can find the best type for your products' needs. Since the cylinders and pistons are also available in various sizes, you can fill large and small containers.

If your products require accurate volumetric fills, piston fillers from Foeth can optimise your packaging process.

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