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Tube fillers

Tube fillers: solutions for filling tubes with liquid to viscous products

The packaging of many cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industry products requires special equipment for efficient filling of the tubes in which they are sold. Foeth has a wide range of used tube fillers available. These are machines from leading brands in the packaging market, such as Tonazzi Vasquali, among many others. All the equipment in the online catalogue is available and ready for sale and delivery. If you do not find the filler you need, please ask our experts to search for it for you. Read more about tube fillers

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Tonazzi Milano COLIBRI-40 - Tube filler

Tonazzi Milano COLIBRI-40

Tube filler

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Tube filling machine: definition and operation

Tube fillers are machines used to fill tubes of different characteristics with liquid, semi-solid or high viscosity products in the cleanest, quickest and most accurate way. Their main function is to maintain the necessary parameters for filling the tubes in which the product will be presented to customers, while maintaining the quality and hygiene required.

Tube fillers are used for filling and packaging cosmetic creams such as lip gloss or mascara. Also toothpaste, ointments, gels and other products from the pharmacy or food area.

A semi-automatic or automatic tube filling machine can be set to operate at variable speed. In the process it can dose different volumes, up to a maximum, and adapt to different tube characteristics (diameter and height). In addition, it can receive plastic or aluminium tubes according to your design. The use of industrial filling machines increases the efficiency of the process, helps to reduce the cost of production and reduces the workload of the factory staff.

Types of tube filling machines available from Foeth

Select your tube filler depending on the type of process and the production volume you need to achieve. In our online catalogue you will find these types of machines:

  • Manual tube fillers: these are hand operated machines with a simple design. They consist of a hopper that feeds a tube and ends in a filling nozzle. They work with a push button that activates the product feed. It is ideal when production volume is low.

  • Semi-automatic filling machine: they provide benefits between manual and automatic fillers, where the number of these functions varies depending on the brand name.

  • Automatic tube fillers: these are machines that carry out all stages of the production process, such as filling, sealing and labelling in a single machine, minimising operator intervention. They are usually programmed before the start of the process to adjust the main parameters.

If you need to know more about the packaging machines available from Foeth, please call or contact us via the contact form.

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