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Pumps have a huge variety of different functions and applications and that is why sometimes a pump does not fall in any of our existing categories. On this page you can find such pumps. Are the pumps in our other categories not exactly what you are looking for? Perhaps you can find the pump that best suits your needs between our miscellaneous pumps. Read more about miscellaneous pumps

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KSB VAB 050-040-145 EX - Miscellaneous pump

KSB VAB 050-040-145 EX

Miscellaneous pump

In stock EU


Certuss CONDENSAAT HEVELINSTALLATIE - Miscellaneous pump


Miscellaneous pump

In stock NL



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Which pumps fall into the miscellaneous pumps category?

Our completely refurbished, used pumps in this category are special models that come from the hands of renowned companies such as Netzsch NEMO, Edwards, APV, Steinle Industriepumpen GmbH and CERTUSS Dampfautomaten GMBH. For large particle acceleration plants, for example, sorption pumps with high and ultra-high vacuum technologies are suitable. The TXF series is a type of filter press pump.

All the different pumps on this page are currently in stock and can be exported worldwide upon your request. Simply request the pump for your requirement via our website or visit us in store to view our stock on site.

Ask our team more info about our miscellaneous pumps or request a quote!

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If we do not have your desired process equipment in stock, please let us know! Our purchase team will try to find the best matching machine for you via their international purchase network.