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Eccentric Screw Pumps

Secure conveying with eccentric screw pumps

Foeth offers the largest stock of used process equipment of the best brands and in the best condition. We have eccentric screw pumps available, widely used in the food industry. Our process equipment is kept in top mechanical condition and is ready for operation. Read more about eccentric screw pumps

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Blackmer GPI C18 I CV - Eccentric Screw Pump

Blackmer GPI C18 I CV

Eccentric Screw Pump

In stock NL


Netzsch NM053BS - Eccentric Screw Pump

Netzsch NM053BS

Eccentric Screw Pump

In stock NL



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Screw pumps: characteristics and uses

Screw pumps are positive displacement pumps in which a metal helical rotor rotates inside a stator, also helical, but 180° out of phase, forming a cavity between the two parts, which progress along the shaft without changing volume or shape. This action allows the product to be conveyed without degrading it.

In these pumps, the liquid is conveyed between the screw slots of one, two or three rotors that move axially as the screws rotate and engage. When a single screw is used, it is called an eccentric screw pump or progressing cavity pump.

Twin or triple screw pumps are rotary pumps, with high vacuum power, capable of pumping highly viscous products and generating very high pressures. They are used in the oil and petrochemical industry, according to API standards, and in their sanitary version in difficult food applications.

Advantages of the use of eccentric screw pumps

Screw pumps are widely used in the food industry for transferring viscous fluids with a high content of particles in suspension, such as meat extracts, jam, yoghurt, cream cheese, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, fats, liquid chocolate, etc.

The main advantages of using screw pumps include the following:

  • They easily transport viscous products.

  • They have a high suction capacity.

  • They generate a constant flow, without pulses.

  • They can transport pieces of fruit and other solids in suspension.

  • They are easy to maintain and have a high level of hygiene.

  • They provide uniform and gentle conveying, without affecting the stability of emulsions.

  • High wear resistance, no abrasion or damage to products.

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