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Moving and transferring liquids is one of the most common operations in all types of industries. At Foeth we have a wide range of second-hand industrial pumps, ideal for these processes. They are proven equipment from well-known brands in the European market, such as Busch, Alfa Laval, KNF Neuberger, Lewa, Bran Luebbe, Allweiler, Viking, Grundfos, KPA, KSB, Sulzer, Pfeiffer and Rietschle, among many others. In addition, we offer many different types of pumps for a variety of purposes. Read more about pumps

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We only have machines from premium European manufacturers and mechanically test prior to shipment


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Foeth has the largest stock in Europe and we update our inventory on a weekly base.


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All our machines are available on our premises, ready to be tested and shipped to you!