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Moving and transferring liquids is one of the most common operations in all types of industries. At Foeth we have a wide range of second-hand industrial pumps, ideal for these processes. They are proven equipment from well-known brands in the European market, such as Busch, Alfa Laval, KNF Neuberger, Lewa, Bran Luebbe, Allweiler, Viking, Grundfos, KPA, KSB, Sulzer, Pfeiffer and Rietschle, among many others. In addition, we offer many different types of pumps for a variety of purposes. Read more about pumps

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Lewa G3H - Dosing pump

Lewa G3H

Dosing pump

In stock NL


Depa IP 400 - Peristaltic pump

Depa IP 400

Peristaltic pump

In stock NL


Leybold E250 - Vacuum pump

Leybold E250

Vacuum pump

In stock NL


Hygia NM II/60A - Centrifugal Pump

Hygia NM II/60A

Centrifugal Pump

In stock NL


CP Pumpen SR/5/116/LS - Rotary Lobe Pump

CP Pumpen SR/5/116/LS

Rotary Lobe Pump

In stock NL


Atlas Copco GHS 585 VSD - Vacuum pump

Atlas Copco GHS 585 VSD

Vacuum pump

In stock NL


Atlas Copco GHS 730VSD - Vacuum pump

Atlas Copco GHS 730VSD

Vacuum pump

In stock NL


Atlas Copco CGVS 25 - Vacuum pump

Atlas Copco CGVS 25

Vacuum pump

In stock NL


Atlas Copco GV 100 - Vacuum pump

Atlas Copco GV 100

Vacuum pump

In stock NL


Atlas Copco GV 60 - Vacuum pump

Atlas Copco GV 60

Vacuum pump

In stock NL



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Industrial pump: definition and utility

Industrial pumps are devices designed to feed or remove fluids, liquid or gaseous, for delivery to a process unit or piping. Depending on the purpose of the process, they can operate under pressure or vacuum conditions and handle a wide variety of fluids.

An industrial pump is a machine that transforms the mechanical energy supplied by a motor, mainly of the electric type, and transfers it to the different fluids as hydraulic energy, to generate pressure and speed, favouring their transport between two points or different levels. From water and foodstuffs to hydrocarbons, chemicals and petrochemicals: they can be used in all types of industries.
Among our inventory are positive displacement, centrifugal and vacuum pumps, which we will detail below.

Industrial positive displacement pump: types and utility

Positive displacement pumps have a wide range of action thanks to the variety of devices with which they produce fluid transfer. They use cyclic and repetitive movements to produce the impulse that generates the pumping of the product. They include:

  • Eccentric screw pumps: use a set of infinite screws, driven by a rotor, to displace highly viscous products or those with suspended solids in their movement.

  • Peristaltic pumps: these are used in the handling of clean or sterile fluids, as they use a flexible tube that runs through the pump body, without coming into contact with the equipment.

  • Diaphragm pumps: use an elastic diaphragm that is repeatedly actuated to induce fluid movement; they are ideal for fluids with a high solids, toxic or corrosive index.

  • Dosing pumps: facilitate the delivery and linear adjustment of small quantities of product into the fluid stream.

Other types of industrial pumps available from Foeth

In addition to positive displacement pumps, you will find the industrial pump you need in our online catalogue, mainly:
Industrial centrifugal pumps: they increase the speed of the fluid thanks to the rotary movement of the pump body. The fluid is transferred by increasing the pressure. There are horizontal and vertical pumps.
Industrial vacuum pump: used to extract or suction gases or liquids present in the operating medium, through the generation of a lower pressure difference or vacuum.

In our online catalogue we have available all the specifications of the industrial pumps for sale, in printable pdf format. If you need to know the price of the pumps or would like any other information, you can call or write via the Foeth contact form.

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