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An internal mixer is a specialized machine used in the rubber and plastics industries for compounding and mixing various materials. It is primarily employed in the production of rubber compounds, such as rubber sheets, tires, belts, hoses, and other rubber products.Are you looking for a high quality but affordable internal mixer? Then Foeth is the right place! All used machines in our inventory are fully tested and reconditioned, so you can be assured our internal mixers are in top working condition! Read more about internal mixers

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Internal mixers: How do they work?

The internal mixer consists of a mixing chamber or chambered rotors, usually in the form of a pair of intermeshing rotors within a closed, heated chamber. The rotors have specially designed profiles and are driven by a motor. The chamber can be jacketed to provide heating or cooling as required during the mixing process.

The main function of the internal mixer is to blend and homogenize different ingredients to form a uniform compound. These ingredients typically include plastic, rubber or polymer compounds, fillers, curatives, and other additives. The mixing process involves mechanical shearing, stretching, and kneading of the materials between the rotors and the chamber walls. This intense mechanical action helps to disperse and distribute the ingredients uniformly, ensuring that the final compound exhibits consistent physical properties.

What are the advantages of internal mixers in plastic processing?

The internal mixer offers several advantages in plastic and rubber compounding. It allows for efficient mixing and dispersion of ingredients, leading to improved compound quality and consistency. It facilitates the incorporation of fillers and additives into the rubber matrix, enhancing the strength, durability, and other desired properties of the final product. The mixer also enables the activation of curatives, which are essential for vulcanization, a process that imparts elasticity and stability to rubber.

Additionally, industrial internal mixers provide better control over mixing parameters such as temperature, rotor speed, and mixing time. This control allows manufacturers to tailor the mixing process according to the specific requirements of the compound, ensuring optimal performance and quality.

Overall, internal mixers are essential equipment in the plastic and rubber processing industries, playing a crucial role in the production of high-quality compounds. Their ability to blend and homogenize various materials efficiently and uniformly contributes to the manufacturing of diverse products with consistent properties and performance.

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