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Viscosity testing machines

High-quality viscosity testing machines for accurate measurements

At Foeth, you will be able to find used viscosity testing machines. Viscosity testing is one of the procedures used in the production and processing of plastics. It is carried out not only in mould development, but also during quality control of the produced materials to ensure their proper appearance and properties. Determining the viscosity of a polymer is also necessary to obtain the correct flow of the melt stream in processing machines. Read more about viscosity testing machines

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Brabender Plasti-Corder PL 2000 - Viscosity test machine

Brabender Plasti-Corder PL 2000

Viscosity test machine

In stock NL


Brabender PLE-651 - Viscosity test machine

Brabender PLE-651

Viscosity test machine

In stock NL


Brabender Plasti-corder PLE330+ - Viscosity test machine

Brabender Plasti-corder PLE330+

Viscosity test machine

In stock NL



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Application of viscosity testing machine for plastics

Among the most commonly used viscosity testing machines in industrial measurement, especially for plastics, are rotational viscosity meters. They measure the force of resistance to the rotational movement, which is caused by the viscosity of the liquid. Viscosity testing machines of various types are used in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries and for testing paints and varnishes or food products.

Why buy a viscosity testing machine from Foeth?

We offer only high-quality used viscosity testing machines from recognised manufacturers. Primarily these are rotational viscosity meters from the Brabender brand, which has been producing measuring equipment for the industry for almost 100 years. The varying motor power of the machines and other parameters will allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Foeth has the widest range of used process machinery in Europe, which includes various types of equipment used in, for example, plastics production. For example, you will find mixing machines with heating or cooling systems, extruders for plastic mouldings or mixers of various types. All pre-owned machines in our inventory have been thoroughly tested to ensure optimal quality and perfomance.

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