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Process your plastics with used mixing mills

At Foeth you can find a large inventory of plastic machinery such as mixing mills, also known as rolling mills. They enable plastic materials such as rubber or silicone to be processed efficiently. Their principle is based on mixing the base material with additives that facilitate its processing, such as softeners, fillers or colouring agents. Read more about mixing mills

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Mixing mill

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How do mixing mills (roller mills) work?

Mixing mills are some of the most popular machines for processing plastics. They consist of two rotating rollers with a large surface area, between which the material to be processed is sandwiched together with additives. As a result of the force of the rollers, the materials are compressed and joined together. The machine operator can adjust the distance between the rollers, as well as the force, speed or direction of rotation, adapting the machine parameters to the quantity or thickness of the silicone or rubber, for example. As heat is generated during friction, the industrial mixing mills for sale at Foeth are equipped with a mill cooling function to maintain the correct temperature of the materials.

Why choose a used mixing mill from Foeth?

Choosing our used mixing mills offers several benefits for your plastic process machinery needs. Our focus on providing affordable high-quality equipment ensures that you receive reliable and durable mixing mills without depleting your budget.All the mixing mills available at Foeth have been thoroughly tested and are ready for use. We offer machinery for plastics processing from top brands such as Vimach mixing mills. You will also find reliable hot mixers and cold mixers with us.

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