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Continuous removal of impurities and contaminants in solid-liquid separation processes, to ensure continuity of operation, is critical in many industries. At Foeth we have a wide selection of used screen filters, ideal for these operations. These are machines from well-known brands in the European market, such as Seitz, Retsch Haan, Mann-Hummel, among many others. Give us a call or even visit our facility in Barneveld, The Netherlands, to learn more about the types of industrial filters we have available and find out which ones are best suited to your operations. You can also request information from our website, via our contact form. All equipment in stock is available for sale. Discover Foeth screen filters for your processes!

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Elsto C313F p71 - Screen filter

Elsto C313F p71

Screen filter

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Industrial screen filters: description and function

Screen filters are designed to separate impurities and contaminants present in the product. They consist of a cylindrical casing inside which a screen or mesh is located as a filtering element, which can remove particles larger than its filtration grade. As the slurry flows from the filter inlet through the filter media, solid particles continually accumulate on the filter surface, resulting in an increase in the differential pressure in the system between the inner and outer screen surface.

Many of these industrial screen filters use self-cleaning systems that facilitate the separation of contaminants without interrupting the continuity of the process. Some employ mechanical scrapers inside the filter, which are activated to remove and discharge the collected solids onto the screen. The scraper rotates and cleans the inside of the filter media, facilitating the passage of the fluid through the screen and moving the solids to the bottom, where they accumulate for later discharge.

Advantages of industrial screen filters

In our catalogue you will find a wide range of screen filters to suit the most diverse operating conditions. The filters offer the following advantages:

  • Increased production rate, thanks to the adaptation of self-cleaning systems that eliminate the need to interrupt the process to clean the filter element.

  • Improved product quality, eliminating unwanted elements and avoiding external contamination.

  • Process economy by preventing the need to replace filter media, incurring extra costs for maintenance or unnecessary downtime.

  • It is a hygienic and safe system, thanks to its manufacturing materials and the airtightness achieved, which eliminates the escape of vapours and the exposure of operators.

If you require further information about our industrial screen filters, please call or write via the Foeth contact form.

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