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Industrial blanchers are specialized food processing machines or equipment used to quickly heat food products for a short period of time and then rapidly cool them down. The blanching process involves subjecting the food items to boiling water, steam, or hot air to partially cook or soften them. Find the blancher suitable for your process at Foeth. Can't find the blancher you are looking for? Contact our team, they can utilize our large network to find a machine that fits your production.

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What are industrial blancher machines?

Blanchers play a crucial role in the food industry by enhancing food quality, safety, and preservation, while also improving the efficiency of food processing operations. Blanching is commonly used in the processing of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and certain seafood and meat products. It is an important step in various food processes such as freezing, canning, drying, and preparing products for further processing like canning, freezing, or dehydration.

Blanchers come in various forms, including batch blanchers, continuous blanchers, steam blanchers, and water blanchers. Batch blanchers are suited for small to medium-scale operations, while continuous blanchers are designed for high-volume processing. Steam blanchers use steam as the heating medium, while water blanchers use hot water for blanching.

What are the functions of blanchers in food processing?

Blanching serves several purposes in food processing:

  • Enzyme Inactivation: Blanching helps inactivating enzymes present in fruits and vegetables. Enzymes can cause undesirable changes such as browning, off-flavors, and loss of nutritional value during storage or further processing. Blanching deactivates these enzymes, preserving the quality of the food product.

  • Texture Retention: Blanching helps to maintain the texture of certain food items. It can help soften vegetables for easier peeling or remove the skins of tomatoes or peaches. Blanching can also help maintain the firmness of frozen vegetables.

  • Color Retention: Blanching helps retain the natural color of fruits and vegetables. By blanching, the pigments responsible for vibrant colors are preserved, enhancing the visual appeal of the final product.

  • Microbial Reduction: Blanching helps reduce microbial activity on the surface of food items, thereby improving food safety and extending shelf life.

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