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Industrial cooking pans: the largest stock at the best prices

Large scale cooking of products is a common operation in the pharmaceutical and food industries. At Foeth we have a large stock of second-hand industrial cooking pans, which are suitable for a wide variety of processes. They have large capacities and are manufactured by well known brands. We have ensured they are in the best operating condition, so optimal performance of all our machines is guaranteed. You can visit our facilities in Barneveld, The Netherlands, and get to know the different types of stirring vessels that make up our catalogue. You can also request information from our website directly. All cooking pans on this page are in stock and available for export worldwide. Read more about cooking pans

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cooker, 65 Ltr. - Cooking pan

cooker, 65 Ltr.

Cooking pan

In stock NL


F. Widmann & Sohn Apparatebau 160 ltr. - Cooking pan

F. Widmann & Sohn Apparatebau 160 ltr.

Cooking pan

In stock NL


Wolff - Cooking pan


Cooking pan

In stock NL



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Industrial cooking pans: What are the main characteristics?

Industrial cooking pans are large-capacity vessels (500 litres or more) used for cooking food or pharmaceutical products in industrial processes. They usually have a double wall or jacket through which steam circulates to reach the required cooking temperature.

Giant industrial cooking pans consist of a cylindrical container, oriented vertically or horizontally, made of stainless steel. It usually has a rounded bottom to avoid product stagnation areas. The stainless steel used in their construction is the basis for many aseptic processes in which high hygienic demands are made. In addition, it guarantees biosafety in the preparation of the products and has a reduced maintenance requirement. Cooking vessels' main features include:

  • The design offers ease of maintenance.

  • They can be hinged or have a fixed position.

  • They can be heated under pressure or vacuum, or work under atmospheric conditions.

  • Cooking temperatures are adjustable.

What are the types of used industrial cooking pans that are available from Foeth?

Closed industrial cooking pans: they have an airtight lid that facilitates air extraction and cooking at lower temperatures. They are ideal for heat-sensitive products because they have a stirring element that facilitates mixing and eliminates hot spots inside the equipment. Open cooking pans: Although they do not have locking lids, they may include agitators to maintain the properties of the mixture. The cooker can be hinged, to transfer the product, or have a nozzle for side discharge and another at the bottom for easy maintenance. If you require further information about our stainless steel cooking pans, please call or contact us via the Foeth contact form.

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