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Tumbler screening machines

Strengthen your production process with a tumbler sieve

At Foeth, we know the importance of an accurate sorting process and classification. Therefore, for optimal sorting of your products, we recommend a tumbler screening machine. The high purity offered by a tumbling sieve makes it the optimal choice, no matter what your production process looks like. All tumbler screeners in our inventory have been mechanically tested by us, and in some cases, have been completely reconditioned. Every machine in our stock is ready for worldwide shipment and can be up and running in your production process in no time! Read more about tumbler screening machines

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Allgaier TSM-950/1 - Tumbler screener

Allgaier TSM-950/1

Tumbler screener

In stock NL


Allgaier TSM 2000/2 - Tumbler screener

Allgaier TSM 2000/2

Tumbler screener

In stock NL


Allgaier TSM-1600/3 - Tumbler screener

Allgaier TSM-1600/3

Tumbler screener

In stock NL


Kainz GTS-2000 - Tumbler screener

Kainz GTS-2000

Tumbler screener

In stock NL


Allgaier TSMH-2600/4 - Tumbler screener

Allgaier TSMH-2600/4

Tumbler screener

In stock NL


Minox MTS-1200 - Tumbler screener

Minox MTS-1200

Tumbler screener

In stock NL



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What is a tumbler screening machine?

A tumbling screener/sieve is a circular sieving machine in which the product to be sieved is passed through the machine by means of a rotating movement. Inside the machine is one or more sieve decks through which the product is passed several times. The heavier, larger particles remain on the screening deck and form a cake that can be disposed of. The smaller particles that do fit through the mesh openings can move on to the next part in your production process. Due to the rotating action of the tumbling sieve and the multiple passes through the sieve deck, the purity of the product is guaranteed to be high. The tumbler screener can be equipped with sieve decks with perforations of different sizes, allowing optimal sorting within one machine. This makes tumbler screening machines ideal for use in industries that often work with powders and fine substances, such as the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

What are the advantages of tumbler screeners?

Besides the high purity of the sieved product that the tumble sieve ensures, this machine offers other advantages over other sieving machines. The number of sieve decks can be varied, allowing different sieve fractions in addition to a single sieve fraction. In addition, the tumbling motion is relatively simple, making energy consumption relatively low. This simple operation combined with the round design of the tumbler screening machine also has the effect of making maintenance of the machine simple. The sieve decks can be easily dismantled and cleaned or replaced when needed, resulting in favourable maintenance costs. Want to know more about our pre-owned tumble screeners? Get in touch with our team, we will be happy to tell you more about the operation and benefits!

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