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Efficient material sorting is vital in the processing industry, and having the right equipment is key to achieving optimal results. At Foeth, we specialize in offering a wide range of high-quality used sorting sieves that meet the rigorous demands of industrial processing. Our cost-effective solutions provide reliability, precision, and enhanced productivity to streamline your material sorting operations.

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Engelsmann M3.C.187/3 - 1,9 m² - Sorting sieve

Engelsmann M3.C.187/3 - 1,9 m²

Sorting sieve

In stock NL


Engelsmann M3.C.187/3 - 1,9m² - Sorting sieve

Engelsmann M3.C.187/3 - 1,9m²

Sorting sieve

In stock NL


Engelsmann - Sorting sieve


Sorting sieve

In stock NL



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How do sorting sieves operate?

Our used sorting sieves are designed to deliver efficient operation and precise sorting in the processing industry. These sieves work by utilizing advanced mesh configurations that effectively separate materials based on size. As the material flows through the sieve, particles of different sizes are sorted into distinct fractions, ensuring optimal product quality and consistency. With our high-quality sorting sieves, you can streamline your material sorting processes, reduce waste, and maximize operational efficiency.

What are the benefits of choosing a used sorting sieve?

When you choose a pre-owned sorting sieve for your processing needs, you gain a range of benefits that contribute to improved productivity and cost-effectiveness. Our sorting screens offer exceptional quality at a fraction of the cost compared to new equipment, allowing you to optimize your budget without compromising performance. With their precise sorting capabilities, these sieves enable you to achieve the desired particle size distribution and enhance product quality. Additionally, our used sorting sieves undergo thorough inspection and refurbishment, ensuring reliable operation and long-lasting performance. Trust in our expertise to provide you with cost-effective solutions that deliver efficient sorting and a competitive edge in the processing industry.

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