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Made of stainless steel, carbon steel, or other materials suitable for efficient heat transfer, plate dryers offer several advantages in the drying process! Find the plate dryer that suits your specific needs and we'll offer you a sharp quotation.

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What are plate dryers?

Plate dryers are a type of continuous contact dryer in which several round plates are located one above the other. The bulk material that can be dried in this type of process equipment, is guided helically from the middle of the plate to the edge by means of a driver. Then the bulk material falls onto the underlying plate, where it is guided spirally from the edge of the plate to the center and so forth. This arrangement of many plates on top of each other allows longer dwell en drying times.

The drying process in plate dryers typically involves the following steps:

  • Preheating: The material is introduced onto the heated plates, where it undergoes preheating to increase its temperature.

  • Drying: As the material moves through the narrow gaps between the plates, hot air or other heated gases flow over the plates' surfaces, transferring heat to the material. This heat causes the moisture or solvent within the material to evaporate, resulting in drying.

  • Cooling: Once the desired moisture or solvent content is achieved, the material is cooled using cool air or other cooling media, typically in a separate cooling section of the dryer.

What are the advantages of plate dryers?

Plate dryers operate mechanically and thermally gently. Exact residence and drying times can be set without backmixing. Also, plate dryers offer the possibility of different temperature zones.

Plate dryers offer several advantages in the drying process. These include:

  • Efficient heat transfer: The design of plate dryers allows for a large surface area for heat transfer, enabling faster and more efficient drying compared to other drying methods.

  • Compact design: Plate dryers have a relatively small footprint, making them suitable for installations with limited space.

  • Flexibility: Plate dryers can be designed to handle a wide range of materials, from slurries and pastes to granular solids and powders.

  • Gentle drying: The indirect heat transfer mechanism of plate dryers helps minimize the risk of material degradation or damage during the drying process.

  • Easy maintenance: Plate dryers generally have a modular design, allowing for easy access to the plates and efficient cleaning or maintenance operations.

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All our used process equipment will be mechanically tested prior to shipment to your doorstep. Please contact us and we will find the used plate dryer that you need!

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