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Paddle dryers

Paddle dryers - conductive efficiency in the drying process of solids

The drying of solids is one of the fundamental operations in industrial processes. Paddle dryers are used in the chemical and food industries, as well as in polymer production and sludge treatment. At Foeth we have a large stock of used paddle dryers from well-known brands such as Krauss Mafei, List Technology, Loedige, Koellemann, 3V Cogeim Spa, BUSS, GMF Gouda and Drais. Your performance is guaranteed. Visit our facility in Barneveld, The Netherlands, to see our entire inventory of solids dryers. You can also request information directly from our website. All machines shown on this page are in stock and available for export worldwide.

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Hosokawa Bepex SJS1800-10.0 72-26 - Paddle dryer

Hosokawa Bepex SJS1800-10.0 72-26

Paddle dryer

In stock NL


Buss-SMS M-2500 - Paddle dryer

Buss-SMS M-2500

Paddle dryer

In stock NL


Drais TR-2000A - Paddle dryer

Drais TR-2000A

Paddle dryer

In stock NL


List DTB-2500 Batch - Paddle dryer

List DTB-2500 Batch

Paddle dryer

In stock NL


List ORP-10 - Paddle dryer

List ORP-10

Paddle dryer

In stock NL


Buss M-1000 dry system - Paddle dryer

Buss M-1000 dry system

Paddle dryer

In stock NL


Vomm Milano ES-350 - Paddle dryer

Vomm Milano ES-350

Paddle dryer

In stock NL


Forberg FT-2000 - Paddle dryer

Forberg FT-2000

Paddle dryer

In stock NL


Krauss Maffei REACTOTHERM - Paddle dryer


Paddle dryer

In stock NL


Drais TURBUDRY TD 25 E - Paddle dryer


Paddle dryer

In stock NL



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Paddle dryers: How do they work?

Paddle dryers are contact dryers that employ a horizontal cylindrical tank in combination with a multi-vane agitator that is also oriented on the horizontal axis. The paddle agitator may be supported at both ends, but there are models that are supported on one side only, as well as some that can be easily removed.

They usually have a double jacket and combine agitator movement and temperature to enhance liquid phase separation, maximising heat transfer, which is supplied indirectly through the vessel walls. In some cases, heat may also circulate through the agitator. Intense mixing eliminates temperature gradients in the drying bed and moisture in the product.

The paddle dryer can operate under atmospheric or low-pressure conditions, but some equipment incorporates vacuum to aid the separation process, particularly for temperature-sensitive chemicals and pharmaceuticals. When a paddle dryer utilises the appropriate combination of vacuum and temperature, it facilitates the separation of solvents trapped in the product cake, improves heat transfer and has shorter drying times.

Applications of paddle dryers

Thanks to their efficiency, paddle dryers can be used as a second drying stage to remove moisture from cakes obtained from centrifuges, filter presses, disc filters or any other mechanical drying process. They are also used in:

  • The treatment of different types of sludge, to improve final disposal, eliminating solvents by evaporation.

  • In different processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

  • In the processing of food products that are sensitive to the effects of temperature, which could affect their flavour and smell properties.

In our online catalogue you will find paddle dryers with capacities starting at 2 litres that can be used in the development of R&D in laboratories or universities and also as part of quality control in the pharmaceutical, food or related industries.

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