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Industries release exhaust gases and other pollutants during production processes. With the increased need for environmental protection, you must remove hazardous substances before releasing exhaust gases into the atmosphere. Scrubbers are pollution control devices that remove hazardous substances from industrial exhausts. You should choose the ideal pollutant remover depending on your industrial processes. Foeth can help you get high-quality pollution control devices suitable for your industry and the pollutants you deal with. Whether you are looking for pollution control devices for pharmaceutical or chemical manufacturing, we’ve got you covered.

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Altop Ammonium Stripper - Scrubber

Altop Ammonium Stripper


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Munsters Demister DH 5425 - Scrubber

Munsters Demister DH 5425


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Rotamill RO 15.56.2R Column Fan - Scrubber

Rotamill RO 15.56.2R Column Fan


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Kuehni DN-200 - Scrubber

Kuehni DN-200


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What are industrial scrubbers?

Scrubbers are used to remove harmful materials from industrial waste. The pollution control devices remove hazardous particles using liquid. The engineered equipment uses liquid in the atomised form to remove pollutant gases and particles and clean out the harmful substances from the gas flow. Industrial scrubbers are also used to recover valuable products. Some can safely handle explosive and flammable gases and provide cooling. A scrubber column usually incorporates a system fan, instrumentation and controls, mist eliminators, recycle pumps and an exhaust stack. The corrosion-resistant materials used to make pollution control devices are designed to promote removal efficiency, flow rate and temperature control. You select the devices based on the chemicals or pollutants that you need to remove. You can go for cost-effective options by buying used control equipment, and with the advice of our experts, rest assured you'll find the best solution for your processing needs at Foeth.

What are the different types of industrial scrubbers?

Industrial scrubbers are multidisciplinary and can remove mists, solids and gases from industrial exhaust waste. You can choose pollution control devices based on their applications. Wet scrubbers are the most common control devices. Water is encapsulated in a composite container or metal. When the contaminated industrious gases pass through the water, it absorbs the contaminants. The liquids have different chemical compositions and may be positively or negatively charged. The difference in composition and charge makes it easier for the liquid to bind with contaminants. Dry industrial pollutant control devices do not utilise a liquid to remove the contaminants. Hence, steam is not produced during the removal of waste. The dry scrubbers have a reaction centre with dry reaction materials, where the sorbent that absorbs contaminants mixes with polluted gases.

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