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Rotary evaporators

Rotary evaporators, efficiency and control in laboratories

Foeth offers the largest inventory of used process equipment, from top brands and in the best condition. In our catalogs, you will find rotary evaporators, which are widely used in chemical laboratories. All of our devices are inspected and validated for their mechanical functionality, as well as the integrity of all components and accessories, before being sold and delivered to the customer. The functionality is guaranteed. You can visit our facilities in Barneveld, Netherlands, to get acquainted with the rotary evaporators in our inventory. You can also request a quote directly on our website. We provide non-binding cost estimates. Find and purchase your rotary evaporator in the Foeth catalog!

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Genser Scientific Powervap 20 EX - Rotary evaporator

Genser Scientific Powervap 20 EX

Rotary evaporator

In stock NL


Genser Scientific Powervap 20 EX - Rotary evaporator

Genser Scientific Powervap 20 EX

Rotary evaporator

In stock NL


Büchi Rotavapor R-220 - Rotary evaporator

Büchi Rotavapor R-220

Rotary evaporator

In stock NL



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Rotary Evaporator: Functioning and Properties

Rotary evaporators are used to separate components of mixtures through evaporation that have low boiling points or are sensitive to temperature, under atmospheric or vacuum conditions.

The basis of the functioning consists of the evaporation and subsequent condensation of the material using a permanently rotating evaporation flask in the vacuum. This increases efficiency and protects the product from heat degradation. The rotational movement of the flask allows the extracted product to form a very thin liquid film on its inner wall, which quickly evaporates and facilitates its separation and recovery.

The rotary evaporator consists of:

  • A motor that rotates the sample-holding flask.

  • A vacuum system to reduce pressure.

  • A temperature-controlled heating system.

  • A condenser with coolant circulation.

  • A preheating flask and a condensate collection flask.

  • A mechanical or motorized lifting system for the device.

Applications of Rotary Evaporators

At Foeth, you will find rotary evaporators that you can use for laboratory studies, research and development, pilot plant operations, and small-scale production. There are systems with capacities ranging from 20 to 50 liters, which are used in chemical plants.

Rotary evaporators are used in molecular cuisine for the production of distillates and extracts. They are also used in pharmaceutical laboratories for the extraction of active ingredients. In the marketing of natural products such as dyes, the production of aromatic raw materials, or the extraction of odorants.

For the extraction of these products, large amounts of organic solvents are used, which are later separated to recover the extracts. In most cases, these extracts are sensitive to high temperatures and light exposure. This preserves the sensory, biochemical, or chemical properties of the substances.

The Büchi rotary evaporator was the first model to be marketed and is available at Foeth.

If you need further information or have specific requirements, please call or write via Foeth's contact form. Buy your used rotary evaporator at competitive prices from Foeth!

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