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Store horizontally with a horizontal tank from Foeth

Discover high-quality horizontal tanks for your storage needs. Our horizontal tanks offer efficient storage solutions for various industries. With superior stability and space utilization, they maximize storage capacity while meeting stringent industry standards. Explore our wide range of industrial horizontal tanks and find the ideal solution for your industrial storage requirements.
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Albi Alois Binderberger 3640 Ltr. - Horizontal tank

Albi Alois Binderberger 3640 Ltr.

Horizontal tank

In stock NL


Moeschle 5600 Ltr. - Horizontal tank

Moeschle 5600 Ltr.

Horizontal tank

In stock NL


Jorns 5000 Ltr. - Horizontal tank

Jorns 5000 Ltr.

Horizontal tank

In stock NL


Hoeksma & Velt - Horizontal tank

Hoeksma & Velt

Horizontal tank

In stock NL


Baeuchle & Sohn - Horizontal tank

Baeuchle & Sohn

Horizontal tank

In stock NL



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What are the storage capabilities of horizontal tanks?

Horizontal tanks are renowned for their exceptional storage capabilities, providing efficient solutions for a wide range of industries. With their elongated design, they offer a significant advantage in terms of storage capacity. The extended length allows for a larger volume of liquids, gases, or other substances to be stored, making them ideal for applications that require ample storage space. Whether it's for fuel, chemicals, water, or other materials, industrial horizontal tanks provide a cost-effective and space-efficient solution. Their robust construction ensures safe containment, while the horizontal orientation enables easy access for inspection, maintenance, and product retrieval. With their impressive storage capabilities, horizontal tanks are a reliable choice for industries that demand efficient storage solutions without compromising on safety or capacity.

What are the benefits of buying pre-owned horizontal tanks?

Choosing a pre-owned horizontal tank can offer numerous benefits for businesses seeking cost-effective storage solutions. They are available at a lower price point compared to new tanks, resulting in significant cost savings. Despite being pre-owned, these industrial horizontal tanks are thoroughly inspected, refurbished, and tested to ensure optimal performance and reliability. By opting for pre-owned, businesses can acquire a high-quality storage solution without compromising on quality or safety. Additionally, pre-owned tanks often have a shorter lead time for delivery compared to custom-built new tanks, allowing for quicker implementation of storage infrastructure. With their affordability, reliability, and shorter lead times, pre-owned horizontal tanks provide a practical choice for businesses looking to expand their storage capacity efficiently and economically.

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