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Hastelloy reactor models: Discover high-quality Hastelloy reactors from Foeth

Chemicals are crucial for industrial processes in various industries. If corrosive, they can damage equipment, leading to expensive repairs and disruptive downtimes. Hastelloy reactors have strong corrosion resistance. Whether you're searching for used or new reactors, Foeth has you covered. We offer a broad range of reactors that are made of Hastelloy, which ensures longevity and reduces the chances of corrosion damage. We are experts in pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing and can help you source the right equipment for your needs.

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Premex  ML-2000 - Hastelloy Reactor

Premex ML-2000

Hastelloy Reactor

In stock NL


Medimex - Hastelloy Reactor


Hastelloy Reactor

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Heinz Gothe Kg 800 Ltr - Hastelloy Reactor

Heinz Gothe Kg 800 Ltr

Hastelloy Reactor

In stock NL



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What is a Hastelloy?

Hastelloy is a strong nickel alloy used for a diverse range of manufacturing processes. It is a highly reliable metal material with numerous benefits due to its unique corrosion-resistant properties. The Hastelloy family of alloys has a high resistance to uniform attacks and excellent stress-cracking resistance. Hastelloy reactors, which are widely found in plant operations, are excellent for chemical and pharmaceutical industries that use aggressive fluids in the production process. You can find diverse designs of used Hastelloy reactors across the spectrum of chemical process applications. The reactors have solid walls, explosive clads, half-pipe jackets, baffles, dip tubes, spargers and outlet valves. If you work with highly corrosive chemicals and acids, then consider a Hastelloy reactor from Foeth.

What are the benefits of using Hastelloy reactors?

Hastelloy reactors are available in different designs, and depending on the safety standard added, they have the specific application. For instance, some reactors are enhanced to withstand high-pressure settings and/or high temperatures. On the machine plate the design criteria can be found. The reactors can be used in the most severe industrial manufacturing environments since they perform robustly under harsh process conditions for chemical processing, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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