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Plant: Margarine production facility Rotterdam

General information

Industry: Food production
Year built: 1891
Location: Rotterdam
Previous owner: Upfield B.V.
Plant size: 24,000 m²
Output: ca. 60.000 untis per hour
Storage total: 1,500,000 liters of oils

Background information

Upfield stopped production at the Rotterdam location, the plant made place for urban development. The last line stopped in September 2022 and all the equipment was dismantled and removed from the plant before the agreed deadline of 15 November 2022.

During this wonderful assignment, Foeth relieved the client of all the activities that are required for the dismantling of this factory. Foeth executed this project, together with its partners, within a tight timeframe and in accordance with the requirements related to safety and sustainability. The project included: the complete dismantling and wiped-clean hand-over of the factory, the transport of machines to various locations and the sale of all surplus process equipment. These surplus machines, primarily from well-known high-end brands such as AZO, Ystral, Aerzen and Krones, are refurbished* by Foeth. Afterwards, the machines get a second life at one of Foeth's customers, inside or outside of Europe. A total of 659 machines became available for sale as a result of the closing of this plant. See below for the currently still available equipment stored at our Barneveld warehouse.

Are you also in need of a solution for surplus production equipment? Take a look at our services and find out how we can have a possible solution for you! Would you like to be taken care of by the market leader in circular solutions for the special chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry? Contact our Projects experts via the contact details below! In addition, you can always send an email to and they will get back to you.

Andrej Pieterson

Andrej Pieterson

Director Foeth Projects

Frank Beniers

Frank Beniers

Senior International Project Manager