Every economically valuable pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, food and feed additives production facility deserves a new lease on life. We save money for you and together we make a positive contribution to the world around us.

We are a provider of total solutions. By responsible and sustainable means, we completely dismantle and remove your pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, or food and feed additives production facility and any other surplus assets. Our fee is always competitive, and we bring a positive financial impact for you. We work on-site in accordance with the highest Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) standards applicable in the European market



Program intake

We determine the ideal route and most effective strategy for dismantling and removal of surplus assets. Within our program, we evaluate together with you strategic and tactical opportunities such as: how can we guarantee the continuity of your production? How we find the optimal mix of possible redeployment of surplus assets, financial benefit of selling and timely realization of a broom clean facility. We can bring in our lengthy expertise in such processes for your benefit.

Project plan

We describe our total solution in the form of a concrete action plan. This includes how we plan to dismantle your production facility, within the set time frame, under the agreements made, and in accordance with the Health, Safety & Environment standards. In addition, we calculate the financial benefits you’ll accrue by giving your machines a second lease on life, and we will calculate upfront the positive ecological impacts and benefits.


We start our process by dismantling the relevant equipment and machinery and the associated infrastructure. We not only take care for your surplus machines, if desired we also remove electrical and mechanical ductwork, laboratory equipment, and other surplus assets. We work in accordance with the highest HSE standards.


At the same time as we’re dismantling the machines, we provide specialized transport to take your machines and parts direct to their new destination in our warehouse, so that they can get their new lease on life right away through our refurbishment treatment. Our knowledge and experience mean that we can take on challenges of any scope with our comprehensive range of specialized transport.


Together with you, at the end of implementing our solution, we evaluate your production site and determine whether it meets the necessary conditions. If we encounter additional matters that fall outside the scope of our agreement, we make immediate agreements on how to address these matters. Once our process is complete, we hand the site back to you at the desired and pre-agreed conditions.



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