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Mixers: Discover the Variety in the Foeth Warehouse

At Foeth, we have the largest stock of used process plants from leading European brands, all in excellent quality. We offer a wide selection of mixers from top brands such as APV, AMK, Werner & Pfleiderer, Guittard, and Linden. Our equipment is in optimal mechanical condition and ready for operation. You can visit our warehouse in Barneveld, Netherlands, to explore the different types of mixers in our catalog. You can also request a quote directly on our website. We provide non-binding cost estimates. We export worldwide. Choose your mixer from the wide variety in the Foeth catalog!

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L.A. Wolf Spezialmaschinen Beetz Kneader MK-2-100-V - Kneader

L.A. Wolf Spezialmaschinen Beetz Kneader MK-2-100-V


In stock NL


Werner & Pfleiderer UK-14 X/AU - Kneader

Werner & Pfleiderer UK-14 X/AU


In stock NL


Borgonien - Kneader



In stock NL


Werner & Pfleiderer - Kneader

Werner & Pfleiderer


In stock NL


AML Stroud - Kneader

AML Stroud


In stock NL


Werner & Pfleiderer LDUK 6 -IINS - Kneader

Werner & Pfleiderer LDUK 6 -IINS


In stock NL


Mickle Laborato - Kneader

Mickle Laborato


In stock NL



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Mixers, Operation, and Available Types

Mixers are specially designed devices for processing elastoviscous products with very high density and for obtaining homogeneous mixtures. They can have different configurations and operate continuously or in batches. They are made of steel with a non-stick coating or stainless steel.

Their operation is based on the movement of a strong arm, a paddle, or a sword that is connected to a drive shaft and stirs and mixes the materials. They can have a single shaft or multiple mixing shafts. In the latter case, the arms create an alternate movement by repeatedly approaching and withdrawing. This movement generates pressure gradients and dynamic shear forces that enable efficient dispersion of solids.

Industrial mixers work through material cutting or friction to ensure intensive mixing that guarantees optimal product properties. The process can generate a lot of heat and therefore requires the use of heating or cooling jackets for the mixture. They can also operate under vacuum.

The available arms or swords can be of different types: "Z", "W", or "P".

Applications of Industrial Mixers

At Foeth, you will find a variety of mixers that have diverse applications in the industry and in research and development laboratories. In the food industry, they are used for processing high-viscosity materials such as chewing gum, chocolate paste, dough, and caramel. In the chemical industry, they are used for processing rubber, silicone, adhesives, and resins.

In the baking industry, the industrial mixer plays a fundamental role. The combination of kneading time and speed is crucial for gluten development, which is essential for dough elasticity.

Extruding mixers are ideal for the plastic industry. They are used for the production of pasty materials with medium and very high viscosity that can cause difficulties in processing. They combine the action of "Z"-shaped swords with a screw conveyor unit to ensure effective mixing and facilitate emptying or extrusion at the end of the process.

If you need further information about our products or have specific requirements, please call or write to us using the contact form on Foeth's website. Buy your used mixer at the best price at Foeth!

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If we do not have your desired process equipment in stock, please let us know! Our purchase team will try to find the best matching machine for you via their international purchase network.