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Bag Filters: Efficiency in Solid-Gas Separation

At Foeth, we have a wide stock of used bag filters in excellent operating conditions. These equipment come from renowned brands in the European market, such as AZO and Winkel a.o.. Before sale and delivery, all our equipment undergoes thorough mechanical testing to ensure their quality and integrity.

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Pall PRS383G72H2 - Bag filter

Pall PRS383G72H2

Bag filter

In stock NL


Ammag Vorlagebehälter 1100 - Bag filter

Ammag Vorlagebehälter 1100

Bag filter

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AZO A 500-65 with AZODOS P50/2 - Bag filter

AZO A 500-65 with AZODOS P50/2

Bag filter

In stock NL


AZO A 500-65 with AZODOS P50/2 - Bag filter

AZO A 500-65 with AZODOS P50/2

Bag filter

In stock NL



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Bag Filters: Description and Operation

Bag filters are the most representative mechanical equipment for solid-gas separation. They operate by removing solid particles carried by a gas stream, using a filtering medium similar to a bag. They consist of a closed metal container that contains rows of fabric bags supported on cylindrical tubes. They are composed of two elements:

  • The bag filter housing.

  • The filtering medium (bag or cartridge).

Industrial bag filters are versatile equipment that can tolerate a wide range of process conditions, making them the best choice for a variety of applications. With the development of new materials such as filter media and more reliable automatic cleaning methods, the options for configuring this type of equipment in demanding applications have expanded. The filtering capacity is determined by the total area of the installed bags and the properties of the filtering medium, mainly its resistance and permeability.

Selection of the Filtering Medium in Industrial Bag Filters

The appropriate selection of the filtering medium is crucial to the efficiency of industrial bag filters. The selection should align with the type of application, taking into account:

  • The temperature of the process gas.

  • The chemical affinity of the filtering medium with the solid particles to be separated.

  • The filter material and its resistance to particle abrasion.

  • The permeability of the filtering medium relates to the amount of filtered air for a given pressure drop.

Materials used in the manufacturing of bags for filters include felt, natural fibers (cotton, wool), and synthetic or thermoplastic materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyphenylene sulfide, and polyester.

The preliminary selection criterion eliminates materials based on temperature and predominant chemical characteristics. Efficiency in separation takes precedence, with cost considerations being secondary.

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