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As a preferred supplier for buying a used de-aerator, you expect nothing but the best and a large stock increasing the likelihood of finding a suitable model that meets your specific needs. With our expertise and solid reputation in the industry, Foeth offers valuable guidance in selecting the right de-aerator for your production process. Contact us for direct support or request a quote directly online!

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Fryma LVE-C - Deaerators

Fryma LVE-C


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Fryma VE/O - Deaerators

Fryma VE/O


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Fryma VE-3 - Deaerators

Fryma VE-3


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Vacuum - Deaerators



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Jongia LEM 40 - Deaerators

Jongia LEM 40


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Fuellpack ONEX - Deaerators

Fuellpack ONEX


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Meyer - Deaerators



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We only have machines from premium European manufacturers and mechanically test prior to shipment


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What are de-aerators?

De-aerators are process equipment that allow air or other dissolved gases (especially O2 and CO2) to be expelled from the feed water. By heating the feed water (mixture of condensate and demineralised water) to boiling temperature, the gas solubility is minimized and this is heated to boiling temperature and degassed purely physically on a large exchange surface.

How to choose the best suitable de-aerator for your production process?

Choosing the most suitable de-aerator for your production process involves considering several factors to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. The Foeth experts can help you in this matter or determine the required capacity or flow rate of the de-aerator based on your production process. Consider factors such as the volume of feed water, the steam demand, and the size of your system to ensure the de-aerator can handle the necessary load. Consider the design features, such as exchange surface area and contact time, which contribute to efficient degassing. Ensure that the de-aerator is designed to handle the specific pressure and temperature ranges required for your system. This includes considering the pressure drop across the de-aerator and its impact on overall system performance. All in all, there is a lot to pay attention to!

Why choose Foeth when you want to buy a used de-aerator?

By choosing Foeth as your supplier, you benefit from the services and knowledge of our experts, extensive inventory, quality assurance, cost savings, prompt delivery, customer support, and commitment to transparent transactions. We mechanically test the de-aerators prior to shipment to your doorstep which ensures the quality of the used equipment and meets your required standards and specifications!

Check our wide range of options to choose from and get a sharp quote for the used de-aerator of your choice!

Looking for something special?

If we do not have your desired process equipment in stock, please let us know! Our purchase team will try to find the best matching machine for you via their international purchase network.