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Discover the power of used compactor machinery for your business!

Compactors have emerged as indispensable equipment across various industries. Therefore in our inventory, we offer a wide range of high-quality used compactors that can be a good addition to your waste management or other material handling processes. Investing in used compactors not only provides you with significant cost savings but also contributes to minimizing the environmental impact!

Boost efficiency and maximize your return on investment today! Request a quote for the perfect compactor match from our Inventory.

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Alexanderwerk WP-120 V Pharma - Roll compactor

Alexanderwerk WP-120 V Pharma

Roll compactor

In stock NL


Hosokawa Bepex Bextruder BX-200 - Roll compactor

Hosokawa Bepex Bextruder BX-200

Roll compactor

In stock NL


Glatt P-140 - Noduliser

Glatt P-140


In stock NL


Alexanderwerk WP 50 N/75 - Roll compactor

Alexanderwerk WP 50 N/75

Roll compactor

In stock NL


Bepex L-200/50P - Roll compactor

Bepex L-200/50P

Roll compactor

In stock NL


WLS Gabler Spheronizer - Noduliser

WLS Gabler Spheronizer


In stock NL


Alexanderwerk G-1/100/160 S - Roll compactor

Alexanderwerk G-1/100/160 S

Roll compactor

In stock NL


Gustav Eirich TR-22 09 1,5 - Noduliser

Gustav Eirich TR-22 09 1,5


In stock NL


Heesen Boxtel MONOROLL - Roll compactor

Heesen Boxtel MONOROLL

Roll compactor

In stock NL


Freund Japan TF-MINI - Roll compactor

Freund Japan TF-MINI

Roll compactor

In stock NL



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What are compactors?

Compactors are press agglomeration machines that handle dry granulation by compacting fine powders.

Applications of compactors

They are a broad category of different types of industrial machinery. A distinction is made between nodulisers, granulators, and roll compactors. Each of these machines has its own specific purpose, but what they all have in common is the reduction or compaction of the volume of solids.

  • Nodulating compactors transform a given material into lumps or pellets, and are therefore one of the granulating devices. They can be used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries, among others. Similar applications are granulators, which are used e.g. to reduce the volume of biomass, and roller compactors, which turn dry powder into granules, tablets, or capsules.

  • With a roll compactor, fine powders are pressed together and compressed between two rolls so strongly that the material sticks together and forms a plate-shaped layer of material. This is ground down to obtain a powder of the desired bulk density and with the desired flow properties.

  • Granulators / Granulating plates - also called pelletizing plates - are machines for building agglomeration and consist of a round container with a tilted, rotating plate. The powders to be granulated form a rolling fluidized bed. By rolling and spraying with liquid, the powders are bonded together and compacted. Depending on the product, the slightly moist material can be dried in a subsequent step.

Why buy a compactor at Foeth?

With a wide selection of professional, precision industrial compactors available at Foeth, you are more than likely to find the process machine that fits your production line or process. We offer used equipment but refurbished or reconditioned with the utmost care. That is one of the main reasons our clients classify Foeth as their preferred supplier. A second reason why clients prefer to buy at Foeth is all process machinery undergoes a thorough mechanical check before they are dispatched or shipped. This ensures that you are buying a reliable process machine that will last for many more years.

We also provide comprehensive support for choosing the right compactor. If you have any questions about the machine you are interested in, please contact our specialists by giving us a call or sending your inquiry via the contact form. They will be happy to dispel your doubts and offer assistance in buying the right type of machine!

We particularly recommend that you take a look at the range of industrial compactors from the manufacturers Alexanderwerk & Glatt. Both are reliable and qualitative European brands that we have in our stock and are ready for your quote request!

Looking for something special?

If we do not have your desired process equipment in stock, please let us know! Our purchase team will try to find the best matching machine for you via their international purchase network.