A variety of used shredders for sale at Foeth

A shredder reduces material using various cutting tools to achieve a desirable size. The most well-known shredders are used for paper, but used shredders at Foeth are also useful in industrial applications like recycling plastic, scrap metal, or tire shredding. The primary objective of shredding materials is to prepare them for the nest process step. For instance, plastics are shredded to reduce their sizes and make them easy to feed into an extruder. Foeth supplies a range of second-hand shredders for various industrial processes. The used shredding machines perform optimally and produce the same product quality as new equipment since they are mechanically tested. Hence, you can save money without cutting on quality.

Buy high-performing used shredders available at Foeth.


Premium quality

We only have machines from premium European manufacturers and mechanically test prior to shipment


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Foeth has the largest stock in Europe and we update our inventory on a weekly base.


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All our machines are available on our premises, ready to be tested and shipped to you!