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Belt coolers play a crucial role in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food & feed industries by providing effective cooling solutions for various products. At Foeth we always have a wide variety in stock that updates on a daily basis for you to choose from. Check our current inventory and request a free quote on a belt cooler online or read more on belt coolers

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NEUERO Farm- und Fördertechnik GmbH NBT - Belt cooler

NEUERO Farm- und Fördertechnik GmbH NBT

Belt cooler

In stock NL


GMF Gouda Disc Pastillator type DP20/2 - Belt cooler

GMF Gouda Disc Pastillator type DP20/2

Belt cooler

In stock NL



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What are belt coolers and how do we use them?

Belt coolers are used at various stages of a production process to cool products or additives. These cooling systems utilize a conveyor belt to transport the materials through a controlled environment, facilitating the cooling process. By rapidly reducing the temperature of the products, belt coolers help maintain their stability, prevent moisture absorption, and enhance their shelf life.

What type of belt coolers are there?

Different types of belt coolers are available to cater to specific cooling requirements. For instance, air-cooled belt coolers utilize forced air circulation to remove heat from the products, while water-cooled belt coolers employ water as a cooling medium. The selection of the appropriate belt cooler depends on factors such as the cooling capacity, temperature requirements, product characteristics, and process parameters. If you need assistance in finding a suitable belt cooler contact our experts, They are happy to assist you where possible!

Why buy a used belt cooler from Foeth?

When considering the purchase of belt coolers, our company, Foeth, stands out as a reliable choice. We specialize in providing high-quality, pre-owned process equipment, including belt coolers, to the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food & feed industries. Our extensive inventory comprises well-maintained belt coolers from reputable manufacturers, ensuring excellent performance and reliability. Furthermore, our team of experts meticulously inspects and refurbishes the equipment, assuring its compliance with industry standards and regulations. By choosing belt coolers from Foeth, you can benefit from cost-effective cooling solutions without compromising on quality and efficiency.

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