Make a positive impact with a noduliser from Foeth

At Foeth we have a wide range of used nodulisers available; from leading European brands such as Caleva and Glatt. At arrival, they have been thoroughly inspected and will be mechanically tested prior to shipment to ensure their performance and reliability. These machines are cost-efficient alternatives that deliver the same level of functionality and effectiveness as their new counterparts. Make your choice from our nodulisers and let us prepare a sharp quote without obligation

  1. Glatt P-140 - Noduliser
    Material: Stainless steel
    in stock, NL
  2. WLS Gabler Spheronizer - Noduliser
    Material: Stainless steel
    in stock, NL
  3. Wysstec SPHAEROMAT 250T - Noduliser
    Material: Stainless steel
    in stock, NL
  4. Glatt P-180 - Noduliser
    Material: Stainless steel
    in stock, NL
  5. Glatt P-50 - Noduliser
    Material: Stainless steel
    in stock, NL
  6. Glatt P-50 - Noduliser
    Material: Stainless steel
    in stock, NL

Noduliser - Definition and Operation

Nodulisation, also referred to as marumerisation, is a versatile and efficient process that transforms extruded products into small, rounded, or spherical granules. This technique serves as a fundamental method for pelletising various products in pharmaceutical formulations and numerous other industries.

The noduliser, also known as a spherifier, comprises a rotating friction disc situated at the base of a cylindrical container. The extrudate, in the form of threads, is deposited onto the disc as it rotates at high speed. The threads break upon impact with the groove pattern on the disc and, propelled by centrifugal force, collide with the container wall, forming spherical micro-granules through the spinning effect.

If you require further information about our nodulisers and their specifications or mode of operation, feel free to call us or reach out via chat, phone, or our contact form.

Why would you buy a used Noduliser from Foeth?

Using a noduliser offers several advantages, such as:

  • Increased hardness and reduced friability of treated materials.
  • Decreased fines or dust generation during transportation and subsequent handling.
  • Enhanced real and apparent density of the product.
  • Effective control over size with consistent agglomerate sizes.
  • Improved product appearance.
  • Facilitated mixing of incompatible active products in capsules, leading to cost savings.
  • Enhanced dosage accuracy and control.
Apart from these advantages, buying a used noduliser from Foeth also provides you with significant cost savings and fast delivery of a reliable qualitative process machine. By choosing a pre-owned noduliser, you eliminate the need for manufacturing a new unit, minimizing the environmental impact associated with production processes. Want to learn more about our Co2 reduction mission? Let us explain how we reduce your carbon footprint!

Maximize your operational, financial en environmental efficiency with used nodulisers from the Foeth catalogue! Request a quote today.