Glatt is a German company specialising in the production, refining and processing of solid, powdered and granular materials. It is based in Weimar, Germany, and has a total of 15 branches and subsidiaries worldwide. The company has existed as Glatt Ingenieurtechnik since 1990, but its origins date back to 1954, when it was founded by Werner Glatt. Its equipment is used in the pharmaceutical, food, feed and fine chemical industries. Due to their quality, they have a strong presence in the second-hand market. All our offered Glatt equipment will be mechanically tested prior to shipment. Find Glatt equipment at Foeth at an unbeatable price!

  1. Glatt P-140 - Noduliser
    in stock, NL
  2. Glatt - Horizontal screw conveyor
    in stock, NL
  3. Glatt GC-500/600/750 - Coating pan
    in stock, NL
  4. Glatt GC-1000 - Coating pan
    in stock, NL
  5. Glatt P-180 - Noduliser
    in stock, NL
  6. Glatt P-50 - Noduliser
    in stock, NL
  7. Glatt P-50 - Noduliser
    in stock, NL
  8. Glatt IST-2000 - Paddle dryer
    in stock, NL
  9. Glatt GHT-400 - Drying oven
    in stock, NL

Activities and services of Glatt Ingenieurtechnik

Glatt Ingenieurtechnik specialises in the production of machines for solid materials (powders, granules and pellets, bulk particles) for use in food and chemical products (detergents, fertilisers, pesticides, industrial salts, etc.). The company is also involved in the development and optimisation of manufacturing processes for pharmaceutical and biotechnological products: tablets, pills, capsules, vaccines and solutions for injections, drops, ointments, blood plasma-based products, biosimilar products, etc.

The company designs and produces innovative and complex integrated solutions. It is involved in the modernisation of existing production facilities or as a builder of complete turnkey plants. Its role can be consulting, design, implementation or project management. In this context, Glatt integrates its own technologies as well as those of its customers. The plants can be handed over completely or operated under contract.

Glatt's expertise

Glatt is an innovative company with a large number of patents. Its positioning and expertise are based on two major innovations.

As early as the end of the 1950s, the company used fluidised bed technologies that allow certain fluid properties (formation of waves, bubbles, appearance of viscous behaviour) to be transmitted to a set of solid particles under which a pressurised fluid is injected. This technology has many applications in drying, combustion (pyrolysis), transport or coating of powders or solid particles.

The company has developed a patented technique for powder synthesis in a pulsating hot gas stream, which enables it to offer integrated solutions for the development and manufacture of innovative high-performance powders and ready-to-use granules.

Glatt is also an expert in drying, spray granulation of liquids containing solids, microencapsulation, powder synthesis by spray calcination technique, as well as coating of nano-sized particles.

The functional coverage of the brand's equipment is related to its activities: fluidised bed or paddle dryers, drying ovens, mixers for wet compositions, coating machines, nodulisers and other solids processing systems. You will regularly find all these types of used machines at Foeth. All are fully functional and available for shipment worldwide. Request a quote online to receive a personalised offer! Buy your Glatt equipment at the best price with Foeth!