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Your company operates in the chemical, pharmaceutical, or food industry? Then you regularly need containers or reactors for your production processes. Here you can find them from renowned manufacturers like Behälter KG. We are Europe's largest dealer of used machinery and process plants with a company history dating back over a hundred years to 1908. Today, our offer includes more than 2800 used plants and machines – including numerous containers from this Bremen-based container manufacturer. Used containers can be used just as effectively as new ones. In addition, purchasing used offers two more important advantages. These containers are immediately available. Pick up these components for your plant or have all containers delivered worldwide. In any case, you save high investment costs.

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Behälter KG - Stirring vessel

Behälter KG

Stirring vessel

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Behälter KG - Vertical tank

Behälter KG

Vertical tank

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Behälter KG 1070Ltr. Tankcontainer - Vertical tank

Behälter KG 1070Ltr. Tankcontainer

Vertical tank

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Industrial and Chemical Tanks at Foeth

The history of Behälter KG began in 1965. From the beginning, stainless steel tanks and agitators, pumps, and heat exchangers were manufactured at the company headquarters in Bremen. The company is considered one of the leading providers of tanks in Germany and Europe, especially in the tank sector. In addition to standard models, the Bremer also produce many individual plant components. The standard models are particularly interesting for used applications. They can be seamlessly integrated into many systems quickly and easily. That is why we always include such stainless steel tanks, reactors, or tanks in our range. We always aim to help you achieve cost-effective and fast functioning or new/renewed production facilities. Tanks, reactors, or agitators are essential components during such restructuring processes. By purchasing them as used systems, you gain a significant amount of liquidity. This strengthens your competitiveness - a decisive advantage not only in economically difficult times.

Application Areas for Stainless Steel Tanks

Chemical tanks or tanks for other industries: Production often involves handling aggressive or sensitive substances, imposing high demands on the quality of the facilities. Sometimes, the components must ensure protection and safety in production, while other times they must guarantee the quality of the processed materials. Therefore, the facilities and their components must meet the highest quality criteria - just like the tanks and other components from Behälter KG in Bremen. With them, you consistently receive high-quality components for all production processes in the chemical, food, or pharmaceutical industries. They also have all the necessary certifications for particularly sensitive areas, which remain valid even when using used plant components. Therefore, you can immediately use used or new small and large storage tanks, mobile process tanks, flat-bottom tanks, or chemical reactors. We guarantee full functionality through our extensive testing of each tank before it is shipped to you.

Behälter KG: Buy tanks, reactors, and tanks made in Germany cost-effectively here

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