Foeth's technical services

Since Foeth started in 1908 we a large workshop with an extensive team of professional process equipment technicians. All our employees are skilled engineers who have great knowledge and experience of the process equipment we have in stock and the equipment our customers will be utilizing on-site. Fully functioning systems that work properly and are in good condition not only keep your operators happy but also minimize maintenance costs. There are several benefits of purchasing reconditioned equipment, like:

  • High profitability due to a readily available product and fast delivery.
  • Lower impact on your budget due to a significantly lower price compared to a newly fabricated one.
  • Reduced environmental impact. A refurbished machine (instead of a new one) means approximately 3,2 tons less carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

What services do we perform in our workshop?

At our 4.000 sq.m workshop we clean, mechanically test and, if needed, completely recondition (or in other terms refurbish, revamp, etc.) the process machinery. The degree to which a machine is reconditioned can vary widely depending on who is performing the refurbishment and what guidelines they follow. All these activities are performed on process equipment for a broad range of industries, like the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industry.

Several of our specialties are

  • Specialist fabrication and welding
  • Bespoke machining
  • Mechanical refurbishment and rebuilds
  • Reverse engineering
  • Electrical control panel fault finding and rebuild
  • OEM documentation and parts sourcing.
  • Pressure testing
  • Spark testing
  • Spray painting
  • Cleaning
  • Shot blasting and bead blasting
  • Test running to establish electrical and mechanical integrity.
2 of our professionals working on a reconditioning process

How to find reconditioned machines

All reconditioned machines are provided with reconditioned seals