Yes, this is our Foeth promise: all machines go through a final test to make sure they are mechanically in working condition prior to shipment. If a machine does not pass the test, we will take necessary actions to bring the machine in working condition prior to shipment.

Yes all our machines are tested prior to shipment, every machine leaves our premises in a mechanically working condition for direct employment.

No we do not provide any warranty on a machine, however if the machine does not function upon arrival, let us know immediately so we can decide to take it back or get the machine in mechanically working condition.

No, we do not provide process warranties.

This is different for each machine, but in general we make sure the machine is in mechanical working condition. To ensure this condition, amongst others, we perform the following tests: testing of mechanical seals, testing of bearings, testing of electric motors, leaktest, sparktest, and many more.

All our prices are based on the overall state of the equipment, the technical condition and the new price. If you find a comparable (same brand/type/year) piece of equipment for a lower price, we are more than willing to discuss your findings and provide a matching offer.

The majority of our equipment is located at our premises in Barneveld, The Netherlands. If equipment is still installed on a remote location, it is always clear stated in on our website.

Our price offer includes electrical parts if applicable. This can be seen on the photos and description of the machine.

We always provide our customers with all the documents we received from the previous owners of the machine. In most cases this includes technical drawings, manuals and hygiene documents.

This means the machine is offered in its current condition with no certainty about the mechanical working and at its current location.